Under Soffit Lighting – How To Choose The Best Type

Under soffit lighting – Whether you are lighting a home or a business, illumination is important. Lighting can help guests find their way to the entrance without losing their way. Lighting can also make it a safer experience to traverse the landscape in front of your building. When considering outdoor lighting, many people only stick to options like spotlights and wall lights. While these are indeed important, there are other areas that need to be given attention, too.

One of the most overlooked areas is soffit lighting. Under soffit lighting helps provide a brighter entrance space for your guests to use. This may make those entering a hotel late at night feel safer. It could also make your establishment or home look more inviting and welcoming from the outside. Exterior downlights such as these can also add elegance to your outdoor space all on their own.

There are many benefits to using outdoor ceiling lights. Because of this, you mustn’t overlook this area of your home or business when lighting it up. Even so, deciding on the best under soffit lighting for your particular needs can seem difficult.

We have put together a brief buying guide that may help you make the decisions simpler:

How To Choose the Best Exterior Downlights

  • Much like any other type of light fixture, soffit lights provide illumination and decoration in equal measure. Choose a soft light shape and style that best suits the aesthetic of your outdoor living space. There are different styles available from simple circle-shaped and square-shaped recessed lights to cylindrical or cubical ceiling mounted options.
  • Even though your lights are likely to be under some sort of cover, their material composition matters. Choose a reliable material such as aluminium for the job. This metal is resistant to wear and tear over time and maintains its appearance with ease.
  • As important as the style, choosing the right finish can add to the appearance of the space. A black finish is neutral enough to work with any exterior paint color; chrome or silver will add a more modern finishing touch. Both of them are excellent choices regardless of the type of building you are lighting.
  • IP RATING. Playing into the durability factor, a proper IP rating will help your lights enjoy the longest life possible. Opt for an IP rated light that is water resistant or waterproof in order to make the most out of your purchase. This will safeguard the lights against any potential damage from being exposed to moisture.

Under soffit lighting and other such outdoor ceiling lights can add a lot to the exterior of your home or business. These lights can make the area more inviting and can leave your guests feeling safer upon approaching. In this article, we’ve touched on a few benefits of using ceiling downlights. We have also provided you with a buying guide that should help make shopping for them simpler. Browse our collection of soffit lighting today and keep this article nearby to assist you as you do.

Onyx 9 Watt Black Recessed Under Soffit Lighting

9 watt black soffit LED downlight

LBL249 12 Watt Black Surface Mount Under Soffit Lighting

LBL249 Round black IP65 12 watt Black LED downlight

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