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Let There Be Light….


Let there be light with LED Lighting From Ultra Beam Lighting Ltd

Lighting a room or any space is not just about illumination; a well-lit room is a key decider in whether a room will be elegant or drab. A well-lit room relays the mood, sets the ambiance and enhances the illusion of space. A well-lit room will highlight colours and shift focus where it is intended. By installing the best lights, a room can appear more welcoming. At Ultra Beam Lighting, we have you covered for all your lighting needs. It can be a light to illuminate a painting on the wall, a or a reading light for bedtime. It can be for the kitchen, a swimming pool light and bathroom light and we have them as well. We have been in the business of making lights for over 20 years, We started by providing solutions for lights in UK homes and now we deliver worldwide. We are based in Southampton UK from where we make the lights.

  • Quality products

With our technical team of experienced people, we are able to offer our customers the best lighting solutions out there. We believe in quality, affordability, and service. That is why we keep improving, getting better by the day and offering our customers the best value for their money.You will be assured that the product you get is of quality. Quality in product matters a lot we believe the interest of our customer comes first before anything.

  • Customer service

Ultra Beam Lighting Ltd makes wall lights that will last. In line with our aim to offer superior service, all our products come standard with a year’s guarantee. Our team of professionals is able to assist you with and be there for you from the point of purchasing, delivery and after the sale.

  • Fast deliveries

From our base in Southampton UK, we are able to make deliveries very fast not only in the UK but around the world. We ensure that your package arrives in good time and as ordered. We have support staffs who do that job in the best time possible. We will not delay you at any one day we are always ready to deliver you at the appointed time and date. Try us today and see a change compared to other companies.

Expert advice

Since we aim to create a relationship with our customers, we offer expert advice on the best way to do lighting. We advise clients on the best bulbs, the amount power each one uses and how to keep energy needs low. Just write us an email with any question a boy lighting and we will help you out.

Value for money

We charge delivery on the whole purchase as opposed to charging per item, this helps our customers save some money on shipping. We accept most major cards to make it easier for you to acquire Ultra Beam Lighting Ltd quality products. We offer free shipping on purchases over £100. We have various discount schemes for our repeat or bulk customers. Keep checking our website for we have price cuts and discounts sometimes. There are many uses for our lamps range and if well placed, can result into a very beautiful space.

  • Functionality

Well-set floor lamps can provide not only aesthetics but functionality as well. For example, if placed next to a couch, it can be used to read.

  • Warmth

Ultra Beam Lighting Ltd are good for creating the desired mood. Warm colors are relaxing and inviting. They are better placed in living rooms and near entrances and those ordinarily dull areas of a room like corners. Relaxing The cool colored on the other hand are better placed where a relaxed mood is desired. Neutral colors are mostly needed for their functionality than aesthetics in places like the kitchen.Colors can be mixed and matched in the same room to create various effects as desired. It all depends on the creativity of the designer.

  • Easy to create an order

With the easy to use website, customers are able to make orders from the comfort of their homes. The online store will save customers a lot of time and money.

  • Art and Elegance

The various beautiful models at Ultra Beam Lighting Ltd give customers choice to select from. A customer can combine style to make a beautiful lamp setup.

  • Durability

A good light especially a movable one should be strong. Ultra Beam Lighting Ltd products are durable from the power cable, to the base, the stem to the bulb enclosure. Safety and security with every light we sell!

Ultra Beam Lighting company helps customers feel safe with garden LED lighting which can be used to illuminate the garden pathways at night. The lights can also be used to deter burglars from entering into the property.

  • Energy consumption

With lighting comes power costs, many types of wall reading lights will consume a lot of power pushing bills up. We sell Led types of lights which give out light but consume less power. You can select from our catalog the best LED reading lights to buy.

  • Fixtures

Some light holders are plain while most are pure pieces of art. A good light should not have glare but should provide illumination n a way that is both functional and aesthetic. Ultra Beam Lighting Ltd offers the best of both worlds. Our many years of experience and concern for customer needs have made us design our LED lighting with the customer in mind. We work with architects, interior designers and other housing professional to ensure we get the best lamp designs.

  • Variety and Light distribution

A well-designed LED Lighting scheme should distribute light in a manner as intended, we have lights that can be used to illuminate behind counters, ceiling lights etc.

  • Decorative and seasonal lighting

At Ultra Beam Lighting, we sell decorative neon and LED lights for seasons like Christmas. These lights help enhance the festivities adding a bounce to the party. Be sure to order some next time there is a holiday coming up. For any need that requires a light, contact Ultra Beam Lighting for the trusted advice on the best way to apply. We will be with you all the way helping you out. Feel free to drop by and we will be grand you did.