LED Toilet Signs

Ok LED toilet signs are not the most glamorous of applications but they do add a sparkle to the entrance of the toilets and washrooms making the entrances more visible.

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Great Ways To Light a Commercial Bathroom Entrance

In your hotel or business, lighting matters. There are some opportunities for lighting here that you don’t really have in domestic settings, such as LED WC signage. A well-placed Illuminated WC sign can make it easier for those in your establishment to find the toilet, either in dark hotel hallways or when emergency lights are on.

What Are LED Toilet Sign Lights?

An LED toilet sign is a wall light that can be placed beside or above the door to the toilet areas in commercial buildings, retail shops and hospitality settings. An Illuminated toilet sign consists of a plate with an icon that is laser cut into it to create an image. Usually, this image corresponds to the toilet itself in some way or indicates who the room is for.

The toilet sign light shines through the cutout in the plate to make it easy to see in low light settings. This makes it easy for customers or guests to find your toilets and see the signs from a distance. These are particularly beneficial in buildings that have emergency lighting, as a WC light sign can be connected to such a system. This will keep the sign on in the event of a power failure so your guests can still navigate the area easily.

Why Use Illuminated Toilet Signs?

There are many reasons to install illuminated toilet signs. Some of them include:

  • Making it simpler for those in the building to locate the toilets
  • Allowing those with vision issues to more easily navigate the space
  • Adding some style and modern charm to a shop or hotel

The addition of lighted toilet signs is fairly new in modern design, so it always lends itself to a contemporary and clean appeal. The appearance tends to be one of the main draws of the signs. That said, their practicality also makes them preferred. They serve their purpose well both when the power is on and when it is off to help those in the building to find the toilets.

What Colour of Light Is Produced By These LED WC Signs?

Lighting temperatures, or colour temperatures, are listed in degrees Kelvin. Kelvin determines what shade of white light the bulb will shine, with warmer colours having a lower Kelvin rating and cooler lights having a higher rating. A 3000k warm light is soothing and soft but still bright enough to see by. A 4000k is a natural daylight colour, while 6000k is a cool white colour. Each has its own place in different types of settings.

Lights for commercial settings and domestic settings tend to come in 6000k cool white or 3000k warm light respectively. It is important that the colour of the lighted toilet sign you use matches that of the rest of the lighting in the hallway. This will ensure that the lights don’t clash and look abrasive. If you install a mix of 3000k warm white light and 6000k cool white light, for instance, the lights won’t blend together well.

In a hotel setting, 3000k warm white lights are usually preferred for an LED toilet sign. This is because it is gentle on the eyes, which is good for tired travellers who just want some sleep. The brightness of the light is enough to clearly see what is laser cut on the sign but not bright enough to be uncomfortable. If you want a brighter light for a shop as opposed to a hotel, you can also order them in 6000k colour varieties.

How Long Will Illuminated WC Signs Last?

LED lights are arguably the longest lasting type of lights on the market today. Opposed to other light styles such as halogen and ICF bulbs, their lifespan is remarkably long. You can expect to use LED lights for upwards of 20,000 hours, so you don’t have to spend time, money and effort to constantly replace them.

Some other benefits of LED lights include:

  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY. LED lights turn 90 percent of their energy into light instead of heat, so you get more out of each bulb.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. Their energy efficiency on its own helps protect the environment by not creating unnecessary landfill with constant replacements of lights. They also emit little to no heat and have no mercury in them, unlike other bulbs.
  • SAFE TO TOUCH. Because LED lights don’t give off any heat, you can touch the bulb with your hands without getting burned. This makes them particularly popular in places with children and pets.
  • VERSATILE LIGHTING OPTIONS. LED lights come in a huge array of colour temperatures. No matter where you intend to place them, there is a lighting temperature appropriate for virtually any space.

As mentioned, a light up toilet sign can indeed be connected to emergency lighting. They are much like any other type of light in this way. When the power is disconnected or otherwise fails, your toilet LED sign will stay lit up along with the other emergency lights in the building. Not only will this keep giving a clear indication of the toilet’s location, but it can also provide some much needed light when the power is out.

When dealing with electricity, it is always a good idea to have a professional take care of it for you. One mistake made by someone who isn’t properly trained could lead to electrocution.

An LED toilet sign improves not only the visibility of the toilets but the overall appeal of the space. Their modern appearance and practicality make them an increasingly popular choice in commercial settings, hotels and offices alike. Able to be connected to emergency systems, they will serve their purpose of making toilets easier to find even in the event of a power outage. With their long life and other perks, LED lights in toilet signs are an especially good idea.

Above, we took a look at the benefits of a lighted toilet sign. We also touched upon the perks of using LED lighting specifically, as well as how to choose the best lighting temperature. Keep this information in mind as you select your new illuminated toilet sign.

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