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Indoor Wall Lights

At Ultra Beam Lighting Ltd we are dedicated to our client’s design needs and are resolved to providing the best in interior and exterior wall lighting. For over twenty years we, at Ultra Beam Lighting, have unveiled a diverse set of product offerings for both commercial and residential uses, a fantastic range of indoor wall lights! Tastes and aesthetic values change from generation to generation, but our dedication to product quality remains unchanged. We offer an array of interior and exterior lamps and wall mounted products, below is a summary of these items.

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The Halo square recessed one watt indoor wall lights can be mounted on dry wall and concrete walls. The Halo is ideal for stair ways, walk ways, and areas that you may want to make an impression. The exterior of the product is sleek and comes in a chrome coloured nickel finish. LED wattage output for this product is one (1) watt (or the Halogen equivalent of fifteen watts). The sleek finish is attributed to its brush aluminium finish. If you want to mount this product on dry wall, the product requires that it be mounted on twenty (20) mm of dry wall or ninety (90) mm for concrete walls.

The Halo Square and Round options have lumen outputs of one-hundred- and fifty (150) Lumens in LED warm white colour (3200k warm white). Both products are forty-eight (48) mm in height and require hole cut outs of forty- two (42) mm for dry walls and forty-five (45) mm for concrete walls. Mounting instructions also differ and depend on the whether concrete or dry wall is used. For more detailed step-by- step instructions please visit the product detail site located here.

Ultra Beam through the Halo option (The Halo Round and Halo Square) continue to demonstrate that we are leaders when it comes to proving LED lighting options. Our offering of LED products, interior and interior wall lights, is unrivalled in quality. Halo can be purchased online via our website. Just to remind you that we accept all major credit cards and are now accepting pay pal service. We also continue to provide free delivery for orders that exceed one hundred pounds. The Halo (Round and Square) are priced at thirty two pounds and fifty pence.

Whether you are an architect in search of that additional aesthetic detail, or a homeowner seeking to revamp your home or flat, Ultra Beam Ltd has indoor wall light options to meet your needs.

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