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Ultra Beam Lighting’s Architectural Lighting Service UK

How would you like a bespoke lighting supplier that is able to help you quickly transform your space into a masterpiece that meets your every architectural lighting need, and without hassle?

Look no further than Ultra Beam Lighting’s architectural lighting supply service. We stock and supply architectural lighting of the highest quality to any area across the UK. We have been doing it for decades, establishing the UBL brand as one of the leading names in the industry.

Take Advantage of an Architectural Lighting Supply Service that Meets all Your Needs

We understand that an architectural lighting is no good if it does not meet all your requirements. Once you or your decorator determine the best architectural lighting for your space, all you need to do is contact us and we will supply you with the right product.

We take every aspect of architectural lighting into consideration to ensure we can serve our diverse range of customers.

We take into consideration:

· Diverse branding requirements

· Practical uses of different spaces

· Light distribution within spaces

And then we stock architectural lights accordingly, making sure that we have enough range and diversity in our inventory to meet these considerations to exquisite perfection.

We Have Bespoke Architectural Lights for A Wide Range of Uses

Gobo Projectors – Brand your space with our powerful, durable, and bespoke Gobo projectors. Suitable for use in any building or space, our Gobo projectors bring out the beauty of your brand to dramatic effect.

We stock Gobo projectors of various sizes and designs, including plastic, glass, and steel. We always advise our customers to take into consideration the purpose and placement of the Gobo lights when ordering a Gobo projector. Please check our Gobo Projectors page for more details on this.

We provide you with a bespoke service, meaning you can have us customize your Gobo to reflect a specific text or image. We also have beautiful, stock Gobo designs so you are always spoiled for choice.

So, whether you are looking to place your architectural gobo light in a hotel, airport, gallery, commercial center, office or home, we will provide you with the right Gobo projector to match.

LED Sky Ceiling Panels – Get as close to a true illusion of nature as possible with our high-quality, high-resolution LED sky ceiling panels. If you are looking for long-lasting, low maintenance, quality sky ceiling panels that look real, talk to us right away.

Here’s why you should consider using a sky ceiling panel:

· Nature sky ceilings help you relax, thereby easing stress

· Nature sky ceilings help lower blood pressure

· They also help you to focus, as well as reduce tendency towards negative thinking

Why choose our LED Sky Ceiling Panels?

ü We stock a wide range of sky ceiling panel sizes to fit any space.

ü Clear images: no blurriness or image distortion

ü Images that look very real

ü Durability and affordability

We stock LED sky ceiling panels that evoke the right sensory reactions from you and other within your space. From sky-only illusions to wholesome nature reproductions (sky ceilings that may include trees and water bodies), we help transform your indoor space into a beautiful “outdoor”.

Talk to us about your design requirements. If we do not have your preferred design, we will see to getting it right away.

So, if you are looking for that true relaxing effect from nature illusions or to give life to your ceilings and walls, we have the right quality and design to meet your every need.

With UBL’s Bespoke Architectural Lighting Service, You Never Have to Compromise on Your Needs

Is your primary concern getting in the right amount of light? Do you wish to use the lights to affect human emotion and behavior? Or, is energy efficiency your focus?

Whatever your priorities, we are able to provide you with the perfect product that meets your needs on a consistent basis. With UBL architectural lighting products, you are guaranteed consistent balance of practical and aesthetic requirements.

Find out why customers trust and refer us

We have been in the lighting business for more than 20 years, with a proven record of excellence in every aspect of the service including:

Customer service – From sales to after-sales support, we are a dream for customers. Architectural lighting can be tedious and customers often require our expert guidance.

As seasoned professionals, we always make sure to understand details of your requirements, and we are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Quick service – Are you effecting a quick rebranding or are you looking to finish decorating your new build as quickly as possible? We are always able to supply you with architectural lighting products within a day or two.

If we are out of stock, we are upfront about it, and often source and deliver the product within 7 working days at most.

Quality Lights – Our architectural lights are durable. We only stock top-quality architectural light products: for us, quality is not a categorized consideration.

Prices – Our customers are often amazed at our affordable prices for such high-quality products. Our secret is in the relationships we have built with top manufacturers over the years. We enjoy great discounts from them which we pass on to you directly.

With UBL, you enjoy quality and affordability without compromise.

Clear and Honest Quotes – For every service, we provide you with clear and honest quotes. There are no hidden charges. We only charge you the cost of the product and in some cases, for delivery.

We always let you know if we are unable to provide you with the service you require. We do not outsource as we look to maintain the impeccable reputation we have built over many years.

Warranty that works – Our products come with a one-year warranty on the average. If there is ever a need to deliver on this promise, we always do so without hassle as soon as we determine that we are obliged to.

With UBL, you will be dealing with an honest outfit on every transaction.

Take advantage of our comprehensive architectural lighting service today

Our architectural lighting supply services are suitable for any space including homes, offices, open spaces and monuments. We serve private customers, designers, consultants and contractors. We operate with the knowledge that our reputation as well as yours is at stake and we do everything to earn your trust and continued patronage.

Architectural lighting is a great part of internal and external design and decor. The wrong products, however, can quickly turn your project into a nightmare.

Contact us today if you are looking for a reliable partner in your space transformation.

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