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Garden Spike Lights

Garden spike lights – Ultra Beam Lighting is a big supplier of lighting that is based in the UK, servicing clients for a period of over 20 years. This hard earned and well-deserved experience along with a wide clientele makes our company a reliable and trustworthy choice for both your housing and professional needs. A team of specialists who understand your requirements will be able to suggest to you a suitable product while also advising on which is the best given your situation and budget should you have one.

Affordability, quality, and impeccable customer service are aspects of our business that has carried us through the years. A happy and satisfied customer is what we always strive to achieve.

LED outdoor spike lights are intended to brighten up the outdoor areas including garden paths. These LED outdoor spike lights also add a contemporary touch to the overall look of the outdoors of your home while being relatively energy-efficient as well.

Garden spike lights are extremely useful and a cost-effective way to light up shrubs and pathways. Garden spike lights can also be used near water features such as outdoor ponds and fountains.

To increase the aesthetic aspect of the outdoors, one can choose to place coloured lamps or coloured LED lights to introduce a different effect and atmosphere. Garden spike lights are also available with various finishes and optional accessories are also available from materials such as copper and brass. These two materials are often considered to be the ideal ones for garden spike lights as they will blend naturally into the garden environment as compared to stainless steel and coloured power coated finishes which are very likely to stand out and not give a complete look on the whole.

LED spike lights are placed on the ground, often outdoors and in grass.

LED lamps are increasingly used due to the cost of it and the energy efficient aspect of the lights itself. LED spike lights are also available in various colours, allowing for consumers to pick and choose the ones that they feel are most suited to their preferences.

Spike lights are traditionally used lighting when deciding to light up the pathway or driveway. Small and very bright, these lights have often been the choice for many home owners. However, as these lights are often producing a significant amount of glare. Spike lights are also only available in white or yellow lighting, leaving the consumer to choose either of the two only.

LED garden spike lights are used to beautify and brighten the garden specifically. Each spike is inserted into the grass and is made to hold firmly even in wet weather. LED spike garden lights are water-resistant and similar to LED spike lights, are available in various colours while also being energy efficient.

It is not a necessity then to switch off these LED garden spike lights should you wish to hose your garden on a warm summer’s night.

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