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Our superb unique range of LED reading lights has something for all tastes and budgets. Our range of bedside wall lights are great for both domestic and hotel applications.

We offer surface mounted recessed and flexible arm types of reading lights and all products are totally unique to us.

As you can see, you should never underestimate the importance of having proper lighting within your bedroom for reading purposes. When you have installed the best LED reading lights, you will be able to go ahead and read your favourite book without any hassle.

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Great Bedroom Wall Reading Lighting Ideas

When it comes to bedroom lighting, many people tend to opt for only a pendant overhead light and a lamp for their bedside table. While this lighting style can provide enough illumination for the entire room, it isn’t very comfortable when you just want to relax in bed. This is especially true for those who enjoy reading before going to bed.

LED reading lights are an easy solution to this. With bedside reading lights, you can enjoy plenty of light to read at night without your eyes feeling strained from too much light. These are beneficial especially if you share a bed with a partner who prefers to go to sleep before you do. For similar reasons, this type of lighting is also ideal for use as hotel bedside lighting.

Read on to learn more about adding a wall reading lamp to your space.

What Are LED Reading Lights?

LED reading lights are lights that are made to be mounted on the wall near the bed. They can be attached to the area above the bed or beside it depending on your lighting needs. Alongside wall-mounted reading lights, you can also add them to your headboard as recessed LED reading lights. There are many different styles of lights to choose from, including fixed spotlight-style lights, recessed lights or flexible arm LED reading lights, otherwise known as gooseneck reading lamps.

How Bright Do They Need to Be?

Of course, while you need enough light to be able to read, you do not want a light that is too glaring when trying to relax in bed at night. To find a happy medium, choosing a minimum of 120 lumens is your best bet. This equates to approximately 3 watts in an LED lamp, giving you enough illumination to see while preventing eye strain.

Because bedside LED lights have a directional head more often than not, you can position the light precisely where you want it to shine. This means you won’t have to overcompensate with too much illumination just to be sure you can read comfortably.

What Is the Best Light Colour for an LED Reading Light?

Since relaxing in bed and reading means that bedtime is near, you don’t want a light colour that is too stimulating and distracting. Colour temperature is determined by the Kelvin measurement, which relates to the temperature of light in degrees Kelvin to the expected brightness of any given bulb. A light that has a higher colour temperature between 5000k and 1000k tends to have a cooler colour of white-blue; those below 5000k have a nice, warm glow.

In short, the higher the Kelvin rating, the cooler the light will be. Cool white lights are better suited for open spaces that need a fresh, modern look. For cosy living rooms and bedrooms, warm white colours are preferred.

Reading lights for the bed are available in various light colour options. They range from 2000k, which is made to simulate a sunrise and sunset, while 10,000k lights are as bright as a clear blue sky. It is recommended that you choose somewhere in the middle, such as 3000k warm white LED light. This colour temperature mimics that of halogen bulbs with their warmth, making them perfect for nighttime. They will provide plenty of light to see without being too bright. Beyond that, they are also versatile in their appearance.

You can be sure that these bulbs will match with other lights in the room, as they blend in perfectly regardless of the colour temperature. Warm whites such as this are known for their comfortable and gentle nature, making them ideal for relaxing bedroom settings.

Why Use an LED Reading Lamp Rather Than Older Halogen Types?

Though halogen bulbs have been among the most common of the various types of bulbs, they are not as efficient as modern-day LED bulbs. In today’s world where energy efficiency is as important as illumination, or even more so, LED bulbs are the best choice. Not only are they more efficient, but they also tend to have a longer life. LED bulbs have a minimum rated life of 20,000 hours, whereas the average halogen bulb is only rated to last an average of 1,000 hours.

Because LED bulbs do not get hot to the touch like halogen bulbs, this also makes them a safer alternative for the bedroom. Halogen lights tend to lose as much as 90 percent of their energy in heat, so naturally, they get quite hot to the touch. By choosing LED headboard reading lamps or over-bed reading lamps for your child’s room, you can have peace of mind that they won’t get burned if they happen to touch a bulb.

Furthermore, LED lights have the potential for great intensity in their brightness. With LEDs, wattage is not taken into account because it scarcely matters; instead, it’s best to look at the lumen output of any given LED bulb you’re considering purchasing to get a good idea of its brightness. As mentioned, they also come in a broad spectrum of light colours for you to work with.

One of the unique features of LED lights is that they are directional. This means that instead of shining light all around like a halogen bulb, they aim at one place. This distinct feature is especially beneficial for bedside reading lamps if you only want the light to shine on your book.

Because of their versatility, you can place a quality adjustable bedside reading lamp anywhere you prefer. There is a wide range of lighting choices for you to work with, whether you want to place them on either side of the bed or above it. The adjustable arms of many reading lights will allow you to direct the illumination wherever you need it, such as on your book. In this way, the style of the light doesn’t have to determine the placement.

You can also recess the lights into the headboard to give off a more modern appearance. This is a particularly popular option for hotel applications, as they make the space look contemporary and fresh. It is sure to impress your guests when they walk in to see such cutting-edge reading lights in use, making your establishment more memorable to them.

Alongside this, you can choose lighting that come complete with built-in phone charging ports, making them even more convenient for relaxing in bed. This also allows you to charge your phone close by while you sleep, something that is particularly important for those who use their phone as an alarm clock.

All LEDs run on safe low voltages, so this does mean that they will need a transformer in order to convert the mains 240 volt supply to the low voltage that is necessary to operate them. An LED driver is a device used for the power conversion of LED lights. By using one to transform the voltage, you can ensure that the supply of power is consistent and uninterrupted. In this way, you won’t have to worry about the lights changing colours, flickering, overheating or generally sacrificing their performance.

You can turn LED reading lights on and off similarly to any other light. Among the most common methods are the following:

  • STANDARD ROCKER SWITCH. This switch allows you to turn the light on and off by moving it in one direction or the other.
  • TOUCH SWITCH. This switch will turn the light on and off by simply touching it with your finger. It tends to be quite aesthetically pleasing and is preferred by those who like the contemporary style.
  • DUAL-PURPOSE LIGHTS. Some bedside reading lights come with a main bedside light as well as a separate light. The separate light is often attached to a flexible arm with a light head at the end of it. The switches for these let you choose which light you want to use at any given time.
  • NO SWITCH. Some bedside lights won’t have a switch at all and will instead be turned on and off using a separate switch wired into the wall.

First and foremost, you will need a reading light in a finish that matches the rest of the decor and colour scheme of the room. Modern bedrooms with minimal decor will benefit from chrome, white or black finishes.

On the other hand, rustic-style rooms would look better with a wood finish. If you have a more traditional bedroom, you can choose a statement lamp to break up the monotony, and add a bold design element to the look. You also have the option of adding more than one to create a patterned appearance and decorate the wall.

Another thing to consider is what other lights are in the room. If your bedroom has just a single ceiling pendant light, it’s a good idea to use two bedside lights. With a reading light on both sides of the bed, you can be sure that the light is spread more effectively throughout the space. This is even better if the lights have a general lamp as well as a flexible arm.

Finally, while symmetry isn’t as important with bedroom lighting as it is in other rooms, it’s ideal to try and balance and layer the lights. You also want a warm colour temperature in which the light blends in with the other illumination in the room. Most commonly, this is a 300k warm white colour.

Installing a light can be dangerous due to the electricity that comes into play. For this reason, having a qualified electrician to handle the installation for you is your safest bet.

There is a world of options when searching wall lights for bedroom reading, but many tend to think that all the space needs is an overhead light and a bedside lamp. By taking it a step further and adding bedside reading lights, you can make the room is even more comfortable and convenient. LED bedside lamps, whether mounted on the wall or the headboard, provide dedicated task lighting for you to use when reading in bed. This can help you settle in for the night and relax without the light being too stimulating before going to sleep.

These lights are as varied as any other lights and can add style to your room as well. Their versatility and convenience make hotel bedside lights exceptionally popular.

Above, we looked at the different types of bedside reading lights that are available, as well as how to use them, where to position them and how to set them up. Consider adding bedside wall lamps to your space today to see the way they can transform your level of comfort.

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