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Pendant & Ceiling Lights

Ultra Beam Lighting Ltd is one of the most prominent lighting suppliers based in the United Kingdom. Over 20 years of experience coupled with a sturdy and growing client base are indeed testimony to the standard and quality of the lightings provided by Ultra Beam Lighting. Our professional team will be able to patiently walk you through the various kinds and styles of lighting that we offer while meticulously explaining the details behind each. Along with an interior designer, Ultra Beam Lighting will work towards fulfilling your every expectation of purchasing The’ light which is not only of your preference but also adds elegance and beauty to your household or workplace. Also, with an extensive range to offer, you can definitely expect yourself to be spoilt for choice.

At Ultra Beam Lighting, customer satisfaction is always key and thus we pride ourselves on giving you as the customer nothing but the best in terms of quality and service. Should you not find total satisfaction in our products despite their high quality, fret not for there is a standard 12 month guarantee on our entire range.

Contemporary Ceiling lights

Ceiling lights add more than just glitz and glamour to the interior décor of one’s home. Chandeliers and discreet recessed lights just some of the countless styles of lights to choose from when deciding. The best feature of ceiling lights other than its aesthetic beauty would be the ability to easily brighten an entire room without much hindrance. The right spot with the correct placement is all it takes for a ceiling light to outshine its beauty.This type of lighting can be placed in office spaces also. In the working environment, it is important to have proper and clear lighting. Contemporary ceiling lights can  also be found to accommodate this requirement in the form of light beams or panels inserted into the ceiling at regular spaces ensuring great visibility.

Ceiling lights take on various forms particularly in design and approach. While both traditional and rustic forms of ceiling lights serve to deliver the same purpose, ceiling lighting function more as an indication of taste and as a style statement. Due to these very reasons, it is not always an easy task to decide which particular set of contemporary ceiling lighting one should purchase. Careful planning has to be done in order to ensure the overall look is complete with the inclusion of the ceiling lights. From its name itself, it is understood that modern ceiling lights are made to blend into a modern setting and vibe.

However, this style can even be incorporated in a more toned down setting. Modern ceiling lights can be used to introduce an element of spark by standing alone as the only contemporary and unique piece in the room. Shapes, sizes and colours are critical to choosing the best piece and it is vital to understand the material, durability, lifespan and maintenance that goes behind the making of these lights. At times, these kinds of lights will need extra attention in terms of heat temperature and even ways to clean.

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