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LED wall washer lights can be a game changer when it comes to ambient illumination outdoors. Whether used as façade lighting to enhance a building’s exterior or architectural lights in entryways to create a focal point, such grazing lights provide an artistic appeal and nice indirect lighting.

We offer a wide range of wall washer light fixtures in a variety of finishes and colour temperatures, so you can create the perfect lighting scheme indoors and out.

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What Are Outdoor LED Wall Washer Light Fittings

LED wall washer light fittings are a type of exterior lighting. Much like their name implies, they are lights that wash the walls behind them with illumination. Oftentimes, you will see them incorporated into landscape lighting. 

Just as often, building wall washer light fixtures illuminate sides of structures. Of the many types of these lights, linear wall washer lights are most common outdoors. 

How To Light Up a Building Facade With Wall Washers

Façade illumination using outdoor wall washers is a common method of architectural lighting. You can use them in a wide variety of ways.

No matter what you hope to achieve, there are a few steps to follow. 

  1. CONSIDER YOUR GOALS – If you want to highlight an area, create atmosphere, emphasise texture or provide general lighting, you should figure this out beforehand.
  1. SELECT THE BEST FIXTURE – Exterior wall washer lighting comes in a wide range of styles and finishes, like any other light. Choose the style you’d like, and make sure it has the colour temperature and lumen count that your space needs.
  1. PLAN THE PLACEMENT – If you are installing wall lights for a grazing effect, be sure you install them close to the wall. Choose placement that will provide the desired visual effect.
  1. INSTALL THE LIGHTS – It is recommended that you get the help of a qualified electrician to install these lights for you.

With these lights, you can: 

  • Accent an area of the building’s exterior
  • Light up coves and niches
  • Use building floodlights to create a spotlight effect
  • Light up the entire exterior of a building
  • Show off the texture of a wall with wall grazing lights
  • Use uplighters to create drama and visual depth

Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Building Exterior Lighting

Just like when lighting any other area, there are common mistakes to be made that you can avoid with a little knowledge: 

Mistake: Not Planning

If you install lights without planning out their placement and effects beforehand, you could end up with an end result you don’t particularly like. Take the time to define and outline your plans, including your lighting goals and design elements, before diving in and installing. 

Mistake: Ignoring the Architecture

By not highlighting the building’s architecture and unique elements, you are wasting the chance to show off its personality. Before beginning, figure out which elements of the structure you want to draw attention to and incorporate them into your plan. 

Mistake: Using Too Much Light

Be sure you aren’t using lights that are too bright or installing too many lights. This can wash out the illumination and give it a harsh look. To avoid this, you can plan the lumen count you will need and choose lights with the right beam angle. 

Mistake: Lack of Control 

It is a good idea to have dimmable fixtures or fixtures that you can control in some way. This usually comes in the form of smart lighting. With a better ability to control the lights, you can customise the appearance of the building day and night. 

Mistake: Forgetting Light Pollution

If you want to create a well-defined outdoor space, you need to consider what is around the lights. In order to stop illumination from spilling out everywhere, you can choose lights with narrower beams. You can also opt for lights with shades.

What is Wall Grazing When Using Wall Washer Lighting

Wall washer lamp fixtures provide a glow of light back onto the surface it is placed on. When installed in a certain position, the result is called wall grazing. 

Designed to highlight vertical textured surfaces, wall grazing is one of the exterior lighting design principles employed when wanting to create a focal point or otherwise add visual interest to a space. This is different from wall washing, which isn’t intended to create depth and shadows the way wall grazing does. 

Wall grazing is a way to light up a textured wall and give it even more depth. The textures on a wall will dictate exactly how close the grazer should be placed. For example, smaller textures need a grazing light close to the wall. Larger textures will still be illuminated when a light shines on them from further away. 

Wall grazing lights tend to be mounted on the ceiling or high up on the wall, though sometimes, they can be placed on the ground to shine upwards. The only true requirement for wall grazing is that the light is positioned close to a vertical surface

How to Light a Bridge With LED Wall Washer Lights

Wall washer light outdoor uses extend past buildings themselves. They can also be used to light structures such as bridges. 

There are many ways to incorporate these lights on bridges. A popular way is to use uplighting on the base of the structure or the bridge to shine light upwards. This method allows you to draw attention to any architectural features or just the height of the bridge. 

Using wall grazing, you can show off the textures that are created during manufacturing. This is especially impactful when used on a footbridge. Architectural lighting can work similarly by displaying the unique physical features of the bridge itself. 

If there are pedestrian walkways along the bridge, you can install linear wall washer light fixtures along the wall near the path. This will light the way while also accenting the bridge. 

Otherwise, you can light up the entire bridge using façade washing. Choose wall washers that have a wide beam angle to help you accomplish this. 

An IP rating, or Ingress Protection rating, is a way to determine the resistance of a light fixture. It measures against both solid debris and moisture. The first digit indicates how well protected a light is against debris. The second digit refers to the moisture rating. 

First Digit – Solids 


0  –  No protection against entry of solids

1  –  Protection against entry of solids that are greater in size than 50 millimeters 

2  –  Protection against entry of solids that are greater in size than 12.5 millimeters

3  –  Protection against entry of solids that are greater in size than 2.5 millimeters

4  –  Protection against entry of solids that are greater in size than one millimeter

5  –  Dust Protected; protection against most dust entry

6  –  Dust Tight; protection against all entry of dust


For outdoor lights of any kind, IP65 ratings are recommended. This will prevent the light from being damaged by the elements.


Lighting IP ratings Chart

Exterior lighting for public spaces is as varied as lighting anywhere else. Lighting can be used to create an atmosphere as much as it can accent structures. 

Lighting up public squares or even smaller outdoor gathering areas can make them feel more welcoming. Wall washers can be installed on walls or fenced in areas to spread light out over a social area. 

If you want to make a building stand out on a dark street, you can also light up an entire façade. This is a more dramatic option and is sure to attract the attention of anyone passing by. 

In a car park, you can use wall washers on the ground in between parking spaces. You can also illuminate dark areas with wall washer lights on walls and in corners. Other pedestrian heavy areas like footbridges and bus stations benefit from being as well lit as possible. Wall washing lights can help you achieve that.

A wall fountain is a beautiful way to light up an outdoor area. Install wall washers on the surface supporting it to draw attention to the fountain. 

Besides lighting buildings, you can use LED wall washer lights to: 

  • Light up pathways by installing wall washers along pathways and walkways in parks or plazas, making it safer to navigate
  • Emphasise artwork and highlight outdoor murals, sculptures or art installations
  • Draw attention to trees and other greenery using wall washers at their bases
  • Make outdoor dining areas warmer with the inclusion of wall washers along the outdoor walls of a cafe
  • Light up walls by stairways to make it safer to traverse these locations at night
  • Enhance walls and architectural structures using wall grazing lights to show off their textures and details 

LED lights are taking over the world with the many benefits they bring. This is also true of LED wall washers. LED lights offer a number of perks, including: 

  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY – Because LED lights use more than 80 percent of their energy as heat, you can expect lower electric bills.
  • ECO-FRIENDLINESS – Since they use less energy, they are also gentler on the environment. This can reduce your carbon footprint substantially.
  • VARIETIES – LED lights come in a variety of lumen counts and colour temperature options. This allows you to take control of the exact appearance of the lights in a way that suits your taste.
  • LONG LIFE – LED bulbs are rated to last tens of thousands of hours, so you won’t have to constantly replace them. This will save you not only time and effort, but money as well.
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