Garden Bollard Lights

Our Garden bollard lights are extremely effective in lighting up those shadowy paths that lead up to your garden, your garden itself, your driveway, your swimming pool, your dark hedges and basically every gloomy corner that it can find.

It’s especially effective in distributing light evenly all across the space because of the height of our post lighting.

Our outdoor bollard post light fittings are available in different heights and widths, so you can pick whichever suits you best. They light bollards are thick, strongly built and very durable.

Bollard Lights can make a nice understated alternative to a large imposing garden lamp post. Their height means they can be fairly well hidden but still giving illumination to your garden or driveway.

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Great Ideas For Lighting Your Garden

LED bollard lights are one of the many ways that you can properly illuminate your outdoor living space. Designed with decorative, practical and safety reasons in mind, outdoor bollard lights are a versatile type of fixture that you should consider installing around your property. Read on to learn more about these LED post lights.

If You Live Near the Sea, What Type of Bollard Light Should You Use?

Living near the ocean means exposure to salt water and moisture. In order to safeguard the lights, try to purchase high quality fittings that have better construction to prevent rusting. Cheap fittings will easily weather down in such conditions; though they may save you money up front, they’ll end up costing you money in constant maintenance and replacements.

You should also use LED bollards with either a galvanised steel finish or painted finish to ensure the salt water doesn’t damage the body of the lights. Naturally, a bit more preventative maintenance is going to be needed on lights near the sea. It is recommended that you place petroleum jelly on the screw holes in the lights to stop them from rusting. This will also prevent unsightly rusty water from running down the lights.

Using WD40 is another option. You can spray this oil-based lubricant on the lights and it will cover them in a light, protective film. This will stop the seawater from rusting the metal just as easily.

Why Is Outdoor Lighting Good for the Security of Your Property?

When you have plenty of lighting outdoors, it can make your property safer. Outdoor security bollard lights can control how and when the property is visible at night instead of typical lighting that may otherwise expose vulnerable areas for unwanted guests to get in.

Bollard lights are commonly used for security, as they can make it easy to get to the entrance of a home or hotel without making the exterior too visible.

LED lights are also directional, meaning you can point them where you want the light to shine. This will give you even greater control over what areas are illuminated and allows you to shine a light on the areas that security cameras are watching. Using directional lighting, you can also position them around a driveway or sidewalk to illuminate only that area.

When setting up these lights, plan to use them in areas that you need to keep an eye on or that a criminal might approach to try and get into your property. In commercial settings, you’ll want to position the lights close to one another while still leaving plenty of room to move between them.

What Is A Bollard Light?

An LED bollard light is an upright light fixture most commonly used to illuminate patios, pathways and other outdoor areas. These lights are mounted in the ground as garden post lights and usually have LED lights at the top or along the sides of the fixture. They offer safety, illumination and an ornate effect in equal measure and are quite popular for this reason.

There are four main styles of bollard lights. They have flat, dome, square or round tops and feature different reflectors inside. These reflectors serve to determine where the light shines:

  • This type of bollard directs light towards the ground and disguises the bulb, making it ideal for natural areas and as pathway lights.
  • STANDARD CONE REFLECTOR. This type of bollard LED light shines 360 degrees around, casting illumination on anything in the area. They make excellent patio lights.
  • SPECIALIZED CONE REFLECTOR. This type of light reflects the light down and out, which reduces both light pollution and glare. Many people choose this kind of bollard light for use as driveway lights.
  • TYPE V GLASS REFLECTORS. This kind of bollard also shines light 360 degrees around but tends to be more intense. Those who want to install as few exterior bollard light fixtures as possible will benefit from this kind of light.

How Far Apart Should You Fit LED Bollard Lights?

Though there is no hard and fast rule regarding the placement of bollard lights, it is generally recommended that you place them between 2.5 and four meters apart. This will provide a uniform look, reduce glare and stop the placement of the lights from looking like an airstrip.

Care should be used when lighting flower beds in your garden, as bollards flood the area and look too aggressive instead of gentle and subtle. Placing them the recommended distance apart in a zigzag formation is typically the best choice for this kind of lighting.

You should also consider any other light sources in the area already providing light. If the existing light is sufficient, you’ll just be adding modern bollard lights for decoration more than anything.

At that point, you may be able to space them out even further. To reduce the number of illuminated bollards, you can choose lights that have a higher wattage or lumen output in the case of LEDs. This will provide more light without as many light fixtures.

If you are using LED post lamp lighting for protection in front of a commercial building, then the spacing needs might be different. You’ll need adequate spacing to allow wheelchair users to get between the lights, but otherwise, you’ll want them to be as close together as possible to shine the most light. In cases such as this, a minimum of one meter apart is recommended with no more than 1.5 meters being the maximum.

There are many ways that you can use exterior bollard lights. Some of them include:

  • Positioned around the border of a garden to light up its edges and plants
  • Along either side of a driveway to help see where to park at night
  • Alongside pathways
  • On top of posts found at the end of a driveway
  • In commercial car park areas to provide illumination without hurting anyone’s eyes at night
  • In hotel entrance areas or gardens

Generally speaking, LED lights have a long life with a minimum 20,000 hour rating. This is also true of the LED bulbs that are used in exterior lighting such as bollard lights. High quality OSRAM and Cree bulbs will last even longer due to their quality, so you won’t have to constantly be replacing them as you might with a standard halogen bulb.

For example, if you have illuminated bollards operating for six hours a night, you can reasonably expect that the light will last for around a minimum of 10 years. This is due to the fact that LED lights are so energy efficient; they require much less power to run, therefore saving that power and using it more slowly over time.

Compare that to an incandescent bulb that only has a 1,000 hour rated life or a halogen bulb that is only rated for 5,000 hours. Even a CFL lamp is only rated for 15,000 hours, meaning that LEDs outlast all of the above. Turning off the lights when they’re not in use can also obviously extend the lifespan of the light even longer.

Of course, certain other factors may affect and shorten their lifespans, including:

  • Hot surrounding temperatures
  • Electrical stress of running a bulb on a higher current

Factors that can fight back against shortened lives include:

  • Heat sinks
  • Constant current chips fitted well into the light

LED bollard light fittings are as bright as any other kind of LED light. Generally speaking, one watt of LED light is the equivalent of 80-100 lumens.

  • A 3 watt LED shines a light that is equivalent to a 25-30 watt halogen light bulb
  • A 5 watt LED shines a light that is equivalent to a 45-50 watt halogen light bulb
  • A 9 watt LED shines a light that is equivalent to a 60 watt halogen light bulb

It is important to choose a light wattage that is compatible with what you want to use it for. For instance, if you want to light a garden at night, you’d want to choose a lower wattage for a softer light. On the other hand, lights installed in a car park may necessitate brighter lights with a higher wattage to light up more of a space.

IP ratings, or ingress protection ratings, indicate the level of protection that certain lights have against damaging outside factors. This refers to debris like dust and moisture. The first digit in an IP rating refers to protection against solid objects, while the second digit refers to protection from liquids.

Because they are exposed to the elements, garden lighting needs a minimum rating of IP44. Different locations experience different types of weather, and your light’s protection should reflect that. Even so, if you can, try to find lights that are IP65/IP67 rated, as the waterproof nature will provide you with peace of mind.

  • Level 1 – this level offers protection against dripping water
  • Level 2 – this level offers protection against dripping water when it is tilted at 15 degrees
  • Level 3 – this level offers protection against any spraying water
  • Level 4 – this level offers protection against any water splashes
  • Level 5 – this level offers protection against water jets
  • Level 6 – this level offers protection against powerful water jets
  • Level 7 – this level offers protection against immersion as deep as one meter
  • Level 8 – this level offers protection against immersion at depths deeper than a meter

Bollard lights, like any other light, requires working with electricity. Because of this, it is unsafe to try and install them yourself. Enlist the help of a professional electrician to ensure proper installation and avoid any risk of bodily harm.

LED bollard lights are lights that are upright and stout, shining illumination from the tops and sides. They are used for decoration as often as they are for practical purposes, such as security. Above, we outlined the uses of bollard lights as well as how to place them outside your home or business.

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