LED Hotel Room Numbers

Our range of LED hotel room numbers can be customized to meet your number or letter requirement. The use high power 4 watt LED’s that shine through the cutout on the front of the fitting.

Please allow 14-21 days for delivery of these fittings as each one is custom made to order.

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Great Ideas for Lighting in a Hotel

In a hotel, lighting is among the most important things to consider. Travellers are tired and so are their eyes, so having gentle but effective lighting is crucial to their experience. One of the ways to enhance their experience using lighting is to incorporate illuminated hotel room numbers.

Why Use LED Room Number Plates?

Any hotel can enjoy the benefits of well-lit wall signs. They make the space simpler to access both for those with sight issues and those without; lighted room numbers are easier to see from a distance without having to squint. This also means it’s easier for guests to find their rooms with tired eyes in the middle of the night.

From an aesthetic standpoint, illuminated hotel room numbers add contemporary appeal to your hotel corridors. This type of light will instantly modernize the area and give the hotel an extra bit of style. Having this type of light is especially crucial to the appearance of high-end hotels.

How Long Will LED Hotel Room Numbers Last?

LED lights are known for their ultra-long lifespans. Whereas other lights, such as ICF and halogen, only last a handful of hours comparatively. LED lights can shine for 20,000 without needing to be replaced. Such a long lifespan can save you plenty of effort and money on cycling in new lights frequently. Beyond this, their energy efficiency can save you money in other ways.

As opposed to halogen bulbs which output more heat than light, LED bulbs convert 90 percent of their energy into illumination. This means it requires far less energy to produce proper lighting. A reduction in the amount of energy used also has the potential to reduce the amount of your hotel’s energy bill, something that takes up a large part of the budget.

What Are LED Hotel Room Numbers?

Hotel room numbers should be clearly visible at all times of the day or night as guests come and go. Using LED Hotel Room Numbers, your guests can see the room numbers from a further distance and find their room with greater ease. This type of light is an LED wall light that fits beside or above the hotel room doors.

The room number is laser cut into the plate of the light and features an LED light behind it. The light of the room number sign clearly highlights the number to make it visible in the dark. These are especially well suited for darker indoor hallways as guests won’t have to strain their eyes to try and see the numbers in the dark. They’ll not only stand out, but they will also offer the space additional light by which to see as they walk the hallways.

Hotel corridor lighting such as this can be connected to the emergency lighting system of the hotel. In the event of a power failure, guests can still find their rooms and have some much needed light to navigate the hallway. Having hotel LED room number lights is just one more way to prepare for emergencies and make your guests feel even safer in your establishment.

What Colour of Light Do These LED Room Number Plates Give Off?

One of the many benefits of using LED lights for your LED room number plates is the versatility of light colour options. Lighting temperatures indicate the shade of white light that is shone from the lights. The temperatures are measured in Kelvin units, commonly just referred to with a “K.” A cooler white light will have a higher rating, while warmer white lights are lower. The most common range is between 3000k warm white and 6000k cool light. They each have their own place in different settings.

For hospitality settings, it is generally recommended that you have warmer light as it is gentler on the eyes. Having a hotel room number sign in 3000k warm white light is perfect. It will be bright enough for guests to comfortably see by without being harsh on their eyes. Even so, it all comes down to preference. If you want a brighter 4000k or 6000k white light, these can be ordered as well.

Whatever you choose, it’s very important that you only go for one or the other. Having a mix of cool and warm lights in a space can create an unattractive appearance. Be sure you pay attention to the other lights in the corridor and choose a hotel room number light that matches what already exists. This will ensure the different lighting sources blend well for a pleasant effect.

Ordering LED hotel door room numbers from us is a straightforward process. All you need to do is choose the model you’d like to have and then send us a list of the letters or numbers you want on each light. This information will then be passed along to the manufacturer for them to create your custom lights using laser cutting. Because of the custom made to order nature of the lights, delivery usually takes between 14 and 21 days.

If your hotel has exterior access to the rooms, you can use our LED room number plates outdoors. Before deciding on the exterior light, you should take note of its IP rating.

IP ratings, or ingress protection ratings, indicate a light’s ability to resist different types of damage. The first digit in an IP rating represents its protection against solid matter; the second number represents how well it resists moisture damage. Following is a look at what each number in an IP rating means.

First Digit:

0 – Offers no protection against solid matter

1 – Offers protection against solid matter larger than 50 millimeters

2 – Offers protection against solid matter larger than 12.5 millimeters

3 – Offers protection against solid matter larger than 2.5 millimeters

4 – Offers protection against solid matter larger than 1 millimeter

5 – Offers protection against solid matter as small and fine as dust

6 – This rating means that the lighting fixture is dust-tight and will completely protect from dry matter

Second Digit:

0 – Offers no protection against moisture

1 – Offers protection against water droplets

2 – Offers protection against water droplets at a 15 degree angle

3 – Offers protection against water sprayed at a 60 degree angle

4 – Offers protection against splashing water at any angle

5 – Offers protection against water jets from any angle

6 – Offers protection against powerful water jets or other forceful water

7 – Offers protection against temporary submersion in water for 30 minutes at three feet

8 – Offers protection against permanent submersion in water up to 13 feet

Fittings that are used for interior spaces need to have a rating of at least IP20 to protect them from dust, while exterior lights should have an IP65 rating. IP65 rated lights are protected against the elements and won’t fry when exposed to water.

Working with electricity always runs the risk of shock or electrocution if not done properly. It is best to have the lights installed by a qualified professional electrician to ensure that no mistakes are made and you are not injured. After the light is installed, you can get an electrical test certificate to make sure that everything is running as it should.

A well-lit hotel not only makes your guests feel more comfortable; it can make them feel safer as well. Illuminated hotel room numbers provide an extra bit of light in dark corridors while also making finding guests’ rooms a quicker process. The modern appeal of LED hotel room numbers cannot be denied, nor can their cost-saving energy efficiency.

Above, we discussed the perks of having backlit hotel room numbers as well as the benefits of LED lights themselves. We also covered how to choose the lighting colour and IP rating. Keep these facts in mind when choosing your new hotel lighting to have peace of mind that you made the best choice for your specific space.

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