How LED Step Lights Can Create Stunning Effect Lighting

Step lights also known as stair case lights are low profile lights that provide illumination so you can safely move in certain areas of your home. Many step lights are recessed fitting tightly against the wall so they do not take up space in your stair way. Stair case lights may be placed on the wall at the side of each step, on the front of the steps themselves (knowing as stair tread lights), or on the side of the steps themselves.

How To Use LED Step Lights

Step lights can not only be used for stairs, but can also be used in long corridors of hotels as well as higher up on walls to provide soft lighting for showing off decorative wall accents.

Step lights come in a variety of different shapes and can be used to create ambiance in areas of your home.

About Ultra Beam Step Lights

Here at Ultra Beam Lighting we have a variety of unique stair case lighting options designed by our company. These lights are high quality products using the latest in LED technology to provide your home or hotel with soft white light that enhances both the safety and the attractiveness you want and need in staircase lighting.

Our lights come in various wattages and styles so finding the right lighting for your stairs or wall is simple and easy.

Why Use Our High Quality LED Stairway Lighting

There are several reasons why choosing Ultra Beam Lighting’s step lighting may be right for your home or hotel. Here are just a few of those reasons.

  • Unique Designs- Since we design our recessed lights for stairs right here at Ultra Beam Lighting our designs are unique as well beautiful and will give your home an air of sophistication not found with other lighting companies. Our lights are also ultra modern and sleek.
  • LED Technology- Our stair case lights all use the latest LED technology, which means our lights provide 20,000 hours of illumination for your stair cases or hallways. That is 20 times longer than most standard light bulbs!
  • 3 Year Guarantee- Our lights come with a full 3 year guarantee.
  • Saves Energy and Money- Our LED lights saves both energy and money making them cheaper in the long run that more traditional lighting sources.
  • Great for the Environment- LED lights are good for environment. Since they last longer they don’t fill up space in land fills. In addition, they release less CO2 gasses into the air helping to preserve oxygen levels.
  • Great for Both Home and Hotel Use- Our step lighting is great for not only your home, but also for use in hotels and other businesses. In fact, we supply several chain hotels in the UK with our lighting.
  • Several Styles of Lights to Choose From- We have several styles of LED lighting for you to choose from. Just check out website to see our different recessed light for stairs options we are sure you will find one perfect to meet your needs.

We do recommend that you make sure that a qualified electrician for both your own safety and the safety of your home installs your step lights.

ODL041 1 Watt IP65 Waterproof Outdoor LED Step Light

ODL041 recessed outdoor wall light

LSL009 1 Watt Acrylic Indoor LED Step Light Fitting

LSL009 Round 1 Watt Acrylic Recessed LED Wall Light

LSL009A 1 Watt Recessed Mini LED Step Lights

LSL009A 1 watt mini recessed LED step lights


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