LED Bollard Light – Light Up Your Walkways

A LED bollard light is an LED light built into a short, sturdy post. Outside bollard lighting are perfect for lighting exterior areas of your home. Bollard lighting comes in a large variety of shapes and sizes and can serve a variety of purposes.

Why Use an LED Bollard Light for Your Walkway

Walkways or pathways leading up to your front or back door can often be difficult to navigate after darkness falls making it difficult for family members or guests to safely make their way to your door. Setting outside bollard lights along your walkways or pathways can light the path to your door and allow those using the path to feel safe and secure when approaching your home.

LED Bollard Lighting for Garden Illumination

If you are like most people, you have worked hard on your garden and you are proud of how your garden looks and want to show it off. Choosing to put A LED bollard light at various points in and around your garden can show off your hard work to the very best advantage.

Using LED bollard lighting behind bushes can bathe them in a soft light, while placing bollard lighting around a pond can show it off to its very best and add a stunning effect to your outdoor décor. A LED bollard light spaced at intervals around a pond can also provide safety to anyone walking in your garden at night preventing them from accidentally falling into your pond.

LED Bollard Light for Commercial Use

Outdoor bollard lights are not just good for home use, they work well for commercial buildings as well.

Hotels, Hospitals and other businesses that are open during the night time hours can use Bollard lights to light up their walkways providing more safety for patients or customers visiting their business after the dark. Placing Bollard lighting in flower beds for the building can also make those cold commercial buildings feel warmer and more welcoming helping to relax those people who are coming to your for goods and services.

Here at Ultra Beam Lighting we have been providing both indoor and outdoor lighting solutions to meet the needs of our customers for over 20 years. Our LED lights all use the latest LED technology and are of exceptional quality. Our designs are ultra modern and are designed to fit perfectly with almost any décor.

We have a small selection of well made LED bollard lights suitable for your garden, walkway or flowerbeds. Our lights provide 20,000 hours of lights and use less energy than standard outdoor lights. Our lights also come with a 3 year guarantee. Should you need advice on the placement of your LED bollard light or have any questions we will be more than happy to provide assistance to you.

Do keep in mind that when having any type of lighting inside or outside of your home, you should have your lighting installed by a qualified electrician. Just give us a call at 0800-678-5156.

LFL010 9 Watt Black LED Bollard Light

LFL010 LED bollard light

LFL026 10 Watt Black Garden Bollard Light

LFL026 LED bollard light

LFL051 4 Watt Modern Outdoor Pathway Light

LFL051 4 watt modern LED Bollard light


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