LWA480 6 Watt Square Customizable LED House Number Light

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One of the most welcoming features of your home is the outdoor lighting. Not only does it increase curb appeal when trying to sell your home but it also makes it easier and safer for guests to approach as the day comes to a close. While many people stop at garden and wall lighting, there is another way you can use illumination to your advantage outside your home: an LED house light. With a house number light, guests won’t have to squint in the dark to find the address.

The LWA480 6 Watt Square Customizable LED House Number Light is a straightforward LED house light with a square body. Through the cutout in the front, it shines 500 lumens of 3000k warm white light, making the numbers easy to see. These numbers can be customised to read whatever house number you may have, with the digits laser cut into the light fixture for clear results. The light also shines up and down behind the light on the wall itself to further add to its visual appeal.

This house number light comes in a matte black colour that fits in well with whatever colours you have on your exterior. It is crafted out of high quality aluminium and given a waterproof IP65 rating, ensuring that it can outlast years of use outdoors without taking on damage.

Measuring 128 millimeters by 128 millimeters with a 65-millimeter projection from the wall, it sits close to the wall and provides a modern, slimline appearance.


  • High quality Osram LED’s
  • 6 Watt LED power equivalent to 50-55 watt halogen light
  • Total 500 lumen light output
  • 3000k warm white LED colour
  • Finished in black
  • Measures 128x128mm and 65mm projection from wall
  • Acrylic diffuser
  • IP65 rated
  • Aluminium construction
  • Light is shone through the number cutout and up and down the wall behind.
  • Each light is custom made with the number you require laser cut into the front plate of the fitting.
  • 3 Year guarantee
  • LED driver supplied and fitted inside the body case
  • Connects to a 240 volt mains supply

To order these lights place your order through our website and leave a note on the order with the number you would like cut into the front place of the light.

These lights are all custom made to order so please allow 18-21 days from delivery.

LWA480 6 watt black square illuminated house number light

Dimensions 38 cm


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