LWA381 3 Watt LED Black Finish Globe LED Outdoor Wall Light

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Take the time to complete your outdoor area with the proper lighting it deserves and watch the way that it transforms your space. With the LWA381 3 Watt Led Black Finish Globe Led Outdoor Wall Light, you can provide a whimsical, fantastical touch to your exterior walls and gardens that will make them stand out. This globe garden wall light shines a warm 3000k colour temperature light, which is soothing on the eyes while still providing adequate illumination. The light first goes through the opal acrylic diffuser that softens the light even further.

The unique shape of this outdoor wall lantern allows it to shine all around instead of only in one dedicated place. The result is a better lit outdoor space for you to see by. It outputs a total of 300 lumens of light that spread evenly across the space it is lighting. Supporting this globe garden wall light is a black metal base that projects from the wall. The black hue makes it easy to incorporate into any of your current spaces.

Because of its dimensions, this wall light can easily be worked into spaces of most sizes, as it measures 190 millimeters in height by 125 millimeters in width with a wall bracket that measures 80 millimeters in diameter. No matter where you place it, you won’t have to worry about the weather affecting it. It has received an IP65 rating that protects it from water damage and will ensure it enjoys a long-lasting life without the need to be replaced.

  • High quality CREE COB LED’s
  • 3 Watt total LED power
  • Total 300 lumen light output
  • 3000k warm white LED colour
  • Finished in black with opal acrylic diffuser globe
  • Measures 190mm high x 125mm wide
  • Wall mount bracket measures 80mm diameter
  • IP65 rated
  • 3 Year guarantee
  • LED driver supplied and fitted inside the body case
  • Connects to a 240 volt mains supply

LBL-272 5 watt black globe LED porch light

Dimensions 38 cm

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