LBL278-BK 42 Watt Round Black Surface Mounted LED Downlight

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Recessed lighting is a style of illumination that many people want but not every ceiling can accommodate. Without enough depth in the ceiling to house a recessed fixture, it is impossible to install this kind of lighting. Using a large surface mounted downlight in its place can offer similar lighting effects to make up for this. The LBL278-BK 42 Watt Round Black Surface Mounted LED Downlight allows you to shine light straight down from the ceiling from a modular light source.

The LBL278-BK 42 Watt Round Black Surface Mounted LED Downlight is a cylindrical-shaped black ceiling light. It houses a 42 watt CREE COB LED light that outputs an impressive 3300 lumens of light across the space. With a wide 50-degree beam angle, it covers more area in light at one time. A chrome-plated internal reflector also helps boost the range of light even further. This makes it particularly well suited for larger commercial installations.

This large surface mount downlight shines 3000k warm white illumination, which is the perfect colour temperature for layering lights. It is housed inside a durable aluminium and steel body, promising a longer life free of rust. The product has an IP20 rating suitable for indoor use. The light measures 205 millimeters in diameter with a height of 190 millimeters. With its size, it can be installed anywhere you choose on the ceiling. The black finish allows it to accent and easily blend in with the existing color scheme of the space.

  • 42 Watt CREE COB LED
  • 3300 lumens of light output
  • Philips COB LED driver built in
  • 3000k warm white LED colour
  • 50 degree beam angle
  • Finished in black
  • Chrome plated internal reflector
  • Steel and aluminium construction
  • Non dimmable
  • Connects to 240 volt mains supply
  • IP20 rated indoor use only
  • 3 Year guarantee
  • Measures 205mm diameter and 190mm high
  • Suitable for larger commercial installations
  • Surface mounted

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