LWA424-WT 3 Watt White Flexible Arm Reading Light with USB Ports

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When you use bedroom reading lights, you can instantly make your room a more comfortable place to be. A wall mounted LED reading light is ideal for couples, especially if one person stays up later than the other; one can turn on the reading light and get illumination just for them without disturbing the other person. With the LWA424-WT 3 Watt White Flexible Arm Reading Light With USB Ports, you can enjoy the benefits of not just a reading light but a duel charging port as well.

The LWA424-WT 3 Watt White Flexible Arm Reading Light With USB Ports features two USB ports, letting you charge up your phone as you slumber. The arm of this flexible reading lamp with USB ports can be bent and twisted at any angle that is the most comfortable for you. Because of its 465-millimeter length including the light head, you have plenty of room to get it in the perfect position. The fixture shines 120 lumens of 3000k warm white colour temperature illumination, which is easy on the eyes and has a 20,000 hour-rated life for long-lasting use.

This wall mounted LED reading light is fabricated out of premium aluminium that has a crisp white finish. Due to the neutral hue, you can easily incorporate it into any bedroom regardless of the colour scheme without fear of it clashing. The backplate measures 105 millimeters by 105 millimeters by 40 millimeters, making it simple to install on any area of the wall.

  • High quality 3 watt CREE LED
  • 3000k warm white light produced
  • 120 lumen light outout
  • Aluminium construction
  • 30 degree beam angle
  • 2 x USB ports – 5v / 1A each
  • Connects directly to 240 volt AC supply as any other standard light fitting would
  • White finish
  • On/off touch switch on the backplate
  • 3 year guarantee
  • 20,000 Hour rated life
  • Backplate measures 105mm x 105mm x 40mm
  • Arm measures 465mm including light head
  • LED driver sits body of the fitting
  • IP20 rated
  • Not dimmable

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LWA-424 wall mounted LED reading light with USB ports installation guide

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