Elegante Round Silver Recessed LED Reading Light

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If you are looking for a chic modern wall mounted beside light that is a bit different than those run of mill wall mounted bedside lights then why not take a few minutes to learn about the Elegante Round Silver recessed LED reading light. This high quality 3 watt CREE LED is finished in painted silver and gives off a warm white light. The recessed reading light fitting for this light fits into an 80mm hole with the back plate you see on the outside measuring 110mm in diameter.

The light is fitted so it is semi-flush with the wall and the LED driver for this wall mounted bedside light sits in the wall void. The light needs to be hardwired into you 240 volt main supply by a qualified electrician.

The on/off switch for this light is built right into the light head and automatically turns on when the head is tilted forward and automatically shuts off when you tilt the head back. The head of the light can be tilted a full 360 degrees so that you can direct the light beam just where you want for more comfortable reading.

This elegant wall mounted bedside light provides you with a minimum of 20,000 hours of light. Since the LED for this light is hardwired into the light itself you never have to purchase or change a light bulb for this light. The light also comes with a lengthy 3 year guarantee so if your light does not perform like it should you can have your light replaced for free.

  • High quality CREE LED
  • 3 Watt
  • Finished in painted silver
  • 3200k warm white LED’s to give a pleasant warm glow
  • Measures 110mm diameter
  • Recesses into the wall
  • Requires an 80mm hole cutout
  • 3 Year guarantee
  • Head can be tilted and rotated 360 degrees to allow full control over the light position
  • Looks clean and neat when fitted semi flush into the wall
  • Driver sits in the wall void and connects to the 240 volt mains supply

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