LDC736 15 Watt Anti Glare Recessed Dimmable LED Downlight

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A recessed LED ceiling downlight can instantly improve any space in which it is placed. Whether you are adding recessed lighting to your home or business, it adds some modern flair that takes its appearance to new heights. A problem many people have with recessed lights is that they can cause a glare that is unpleasant to look at. With the LDC736 15 Watt Anti Glare Recessed LED Downlight, you can avoid that glare altogether due to its unique design.

The LDC736 15 Watt Anti Glare Recessed LED Downlight is a recessed anti-glare spotlight specially made to eliminate glare. This is made possible with a CRE LED bulb that is tucked up inside the fixture. With the light hidden, the glare is eliminated. The hidden light also gives the appearance of a light pooling from nowhere, adding an artistic touch to your space. The light shines at a 24-degree beam angle and outputs a total of 1275 lumens.

This circular LED ceiling downlight is finished in white, making it a good choice for any space regardless of colour scheme or style. It is crafted out of high-quality aluminium, which naturally resists rust and corrosion.

Overall, this recessed anti-glare spotlight measures 105 millimeters in diameter with a minimum recessed depth of 63 millimeters. It will require a 95-millimeter cut-out to be installed properly.

  • High quality CREE LED’s
  • Total 15 watt LED power
  • 1275 lumen light output – equivalent to approx 100-110 watt halogen power
  • Aluminium body construction
  • Finished in white with black internal reflector ring
  • Anti glare design
  • Measures 105mm diameter and minimum recessed depth of 63mm
  • Requires a 95mm diameter hole cutout
  • 3 year guarantee
  • IP20 rated for indoor use only
  • 24 degree beam angle
  • Triac dimmable
  • LED driver sits in the ceiling void
  • 220-240 volt AC mains input

LED Wattage

LED Brand

Beam Angle

24 degrees

LED Colour

Lumen Output

1275 Lumens

Approx Halogen equivalent


Hole Cutout Size

IP rating



LED built in


Rated LED Life

Supply Voltage


Minimum Recess Depth Required

Light Source


Additional Info

Product Type

Installation Guide

LDC734 LDC735 LDC736 dimmable LED downlight installation guide


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