LDC701 5 Watt White Gimbal Tilting Recessed LED Ceiling Spotlight

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In retail settings or homes where you want to draw special attention to an item, fewer choices are better than tilting spotlights. With a gimbal tilting downlight, you can direct the light exactly where you want it to go. The LDC701 5 Watt White Gimbal Tilting Recessed LED Ceiling Spotlight will help you achieve this end in a subtle way. This light shines directional light wherever you point it from a white housing that won’t detract from what it is shining on.

The LDC701 5 Watt White Gimbal Tilting Recessed LED Ceiling Spotlight is a round light that sits against a square backplate. The light can be tilted up to 60 degrees and rotated 350 degrees, giving you virtually endless positions to fix it into. This gimbal ceiling downlight features a vibrant five watt bulb that outputs 430 lumens of light in any direction you choose.

The bulb of this recessed ceiling light is nestled inside of the globular aluminium light head. Aluminium has a natural resistance to rust and corrosion to help ensure a long-lasting life free from blemishes. On the aluminium exterior is a crisp white finish. The natural appearance of this colour allows you to work it into any existing decor without fear of it clashing. This gimbal tilting downlight measures 92 millimeters by 92 millimeters and has a recess depth of 65 millimeters. For this reason, it will require a hole cut-out that measures 75 millimeters in diameter for installation.

  • High quality CREE LED’s
  • Total 5 watt LED power
  • 430 lumen light output – equivalent to approx 30-35 watt halogen power
  • Aluminium body construction
  • Finished in white
  • This fitting can be rotated around 350 degrees and the head can be tilted 60 degrees
  • Measures 92mm x 92mm and minimum recessed depth of 65mm
  • Requires a 75mm diameter hole cutout
  • 3 year guarantee
  • IP20 rated for indoor use only
  • 24 degree beam angle
  • Non dimmable
  • LED driver sits in the ceiling void
  • 220-240 volt AC mains input

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