LWA344 4 Watt Polished Chrome Bathroom Wall Light

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When choosing lighting for your bathroom you want to choose the most reliable lighting around, which is why you should look for an IP44 rated wall light for damp rooms where water may be splashed. The LWA344 4 watt modern bathroom wall light is an IP44 rated wall light that is both modern and highly functional. This light is perfect as mood lighting for when you want to create your own spa experience in your home and it also works well with that overhead light as part of the layered light in your bathroom.

The LWA344 modern bathroom wall light features 4 watt Osram LED power which provides 400 lumens of warm white light the equivalent of a 35 or 40 watt halogen light.

This light looks both modern and attractive with it’s polish chrome finish and opal acrylic shade. The LED driver for this light fits neatly into the fitting of the case. While one or more of these lights work well in larger bathrooms, the size of this measuring 280mm X60mm X48mm makes it a great choice for smaller bathrooms as well.

The LWA344 is not dimmable, but then you don’t really need to dim a light with such wattage since you can either choose to turn it on or leave it off depending on your needs. One of the best things about the LWA344 is how long lasting this light is. It will provide you with 20,000 hours of light or more and comes with a 3 year guarantee.

  • High quality Osram LED’s
  • 4 Watt LED power
  • 400 lumen light output
  • IP44 rated
  • 3000k warm white LED’s
  • Polished chrome with opal acrylic shade
  • 3 year guarantee
  • Not dimmable
  • LED driver fits inside the body case of the fitting
  • Connects directly to 240 volt mains supply
  • Measures 280mm x 60mm x 48mm

LWA-343-LWA-344-LWA-345-LWA bathroom wall light installation guide

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