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36 Watt Nano Anti-Bacterial Air Cleaning LED Panel


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The latest technology in LED panels and air filtration brought together in this Nano LED panel, these new generation LED panels are perfect for a wide range of applications, from clean rooms to offices but probably the most popular use is in a hospital and doctors surgery environments.

The panels effectively clean the air from dust particles, bacteria and viruses eliminating 90-99% of viruses within 20 minutes and and antibacterial elimination rate of 96-99% after 24 hours of running.

Although these panels have a higher price tag than standard LED panels you do not need to replace all light fittings with these panels as one panel will effectively filter an 8-12 square metre room area.

Think of the savings in both money and more importantly patient comfort by using these to help with the ever present problem of infection control.

At a glance specifications:

  • LED panel power 36 watts – Control and Fan power 28 watts
  • 220-240 volt AC input
  • Recommended to use 1 panel per 8-12 square metres of room area
  • Filters recommended to be changed every 6 months
  • Fitting has a built in timer to remind you when filters need changing
  • Fits standard ceiling grids
  • Very low noise internal fan <40db
  • Nanometer material filters for dust removal – anti bacterial and virus filtering reducing TVOC concentration and activated carbon for deodorizing
  • Simple filter change procedure
  • Applications include Hospitals, clean rooms, schools, offices and doctors surgeries.


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