LDC367 3 Watt Black Triple Recessed Cabinet Display Spotlights

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In a retail setting, the importance of proper lighting cannot be overstated. If you lack proper lighting, your products may not attract the necessary attention to make a sale. Inadequate lighting also runs the risk of not accurately displaying the product and all it has to offer. You can avoid this problem by using retail display spotlights such as the LDC367 3 Watt Black Triple Recessed Cabinet Display Spotlights.

This display cabinet triple fixture is designed to be installed in the interior of a cabinet and at the top of shelves. From there, they shine light from the very top and wash the products below with their illumination. The light features a 6000k cool white colour that is specifically well suited for retail environments. The cool white colour temperature provides a clear and accurate look at the products without deviation—something that a warm white colour can’t do. This ultra-bright light makes every detail easy to see, so your customers can get a better idea of what your products have to offer.

The LDC367 3 Watt Black Triple Recessed Cabinet Display Spotlights fixture outputs a total of 210 lumens, perfect for the full lighting of display cabinet shelves. The recessed lights shine illumination at a 30 degree beam angle. This angle provides plenty of illumination across the entire shelf. You can turn and tilt the light heads to move them into the best position for your needs.

The retail display light is fabricated out of high-quality aluminium and measures 160 millimeters by 40 millimeters. The recess depth of the fixture measures 50 millimeters, and it requires a 150-millimeter by 35-millimeter cut-out.

  • High quality CREE LED’s
  • Total 3 Watt LED power
  • Total 210 lumen light output
  • 6000k cool white light colour
  • 30 degree beam angle
  • Finished in Black
  • Not dimmable
  • 3 Year guarantee
  • Light heads can be tilted and turned to required position
  • Fitting measures 160mm x 40mm
  • Fitting recess depth 50mm
  • Requires a 150mm x 35mm hole cutout
  • IP20 rated for indoor use.
  • Aluminium construction
  • LED driver sits behind fitting in the void
  • LED driver connects directly to 240 volt mains supply

LDC-366 LDC-367 LDC-369 LDC-370 recessed black cabinet LED display light installation guide

LED Wattage

3 Watt

LED Colour

6000k Cool White

Lumen Output

210 Lumens



Beam Angle

30 degrees



IP rating



3 Years


20000 hours

Driver Supplied




Hole Cutout Size


Supply Voltage

240 Volt

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