595×595 LED Sky Panel Ceiling Architectural Lighting Feature

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Our range of LED sky panel fittings are sure to wow!

So what are they?

They are LED lighting panels that have specially produced images used in the lit areas to create the sky, the images are all custom made and cut so that they flow in accordance with your layout. You will not get a layout where an image does not flow onto the panel next to it.

How do i buy them?

First thing  to do is speak to, or email our team, giving us as much information as you can about the project that you would like to use these products in. Let our team know the configuration of the panels as we will need to pass this to the manufacturer so that they can ensure that the image flows across the panels.

Minimum order for these panels is 6 units due to the images currently used. But the maximum is limitless.

How do i fit them?

They have 3 fitting options you can either put these into a standard ceiling grid or you can suspend them on cables that we can supply to go with your order (The cables are not included in the cost) or you can use the U clips supplied to fit onto a ceiling. All panels come with an aluminium frame that measures 12mm wide so this will take 24mm out of the visible size making this panel have a visible area of 571mm x 571mm, the frame on the fitting actually looks quite effective making the ceiling look like a Georgian window to the world.

All panels come with required driver as part of the price these drivers connect directly to a 240 volt mains supply.

Where can they be used?

Just about anywhere that has a big enough ceiling to take the panels, they have been used to great effect in places like hotel lobbies, board rooms, restaurants and dentists.

How fast do you delivery these products?

Delivery time 18-21 days from date of order as each order is custom made to your requirement.


So what images can i have on the panels?

See the tab above ‘Image options’ for a full list of the images you can use.



Frame Finish

Beam Angle

Lumen Output

LED Colour

IP rating

Driver Supplied

Driver Input Voltage

Mount Type

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Emergency Backup

LED Wattage





Driver IP Rating

LED Light Source

Image Options

Installation Methods



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