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Garden Post Lights

Ultra Beam Lighting is a UK lighting company that has been in business for over twenty years. We are well known for our service to our customers, quality of our products, and the prices that our customers can afford. Not only do we make sure that we have the highest quality lights for our customers, we also offer a twelve-month guarantee to show we trust in them. Offering garden post lights right here!


Customers come to us when they want to make sure they can see, whether it is for reading or for security. We make sure that people do not need to worry about losing a fortune to accomplish these goals. We also make sure that our customers do not need to worry that we will provide them with whatever they need to get the most out of their purchase.

Our customer base includes not just customers off the street, but also professionals such as interior decorators, interior designers, and architects. We are able to work with them at the professional level they are used to, which means we can make sure that even a customer needing a garden light post would get that same level. That means no one will need to worry about our quality of service. That is why we have grown our business not just in British lands, but also all over the world. That is how we are able some of the best prices, because with our buying power, we get the best prices. It is not difficult to provide the quality of service that we do, when we can show the level of professionalism and ability to provide the best prices.

Ultra Beam Lighting has kept up with all the latest trends in lighting. We know how to fill a home with LEDS that will never go out, fluorescent bulbs that have proven to be energy efficient, and even lamps that need standard light bulbs for those who wish to remain traditional. Garden post lights are addition to any garden. That selection means that no person will go away still searching. That is just another addition to what we want. The ability to offer our customers whatever they need. Our offices and warehouse in Southampton is perfectly placed to ship wherever a customer requires. People can have access to us and never worry any difficulty in contacting us. The British are well known in our international business acumen and we are no different. These prices, service, and professionalism will allow our customers to know they are getting the best.

Our range of lamp posts offer style at an affordable price. Our range offers both functional security lighting with a choice of traditional or modern designs.

You have the option of using both standard light bulbs and low energy fluorescent or LED equivalents.

If you have any questions about our range please contact our team.

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