Outdoor Wall Lights FAQ’s

What is the guarantee with your outdoor wall lights?

All fittings in our outdoor wall lights range come with a 3 year full replacement guarantee, we would just need the faulty fitting returned to us and a replacement can be sent out immediately.


How do I replace the LED lamp in your wall lights?

In short – you can’t. Our range of outside wall lights use the latest LED technology that means the LED is built into the light unit so cannot be replaced. The LED’s are rated to last at least 20,000 hours which may not sound much but if you run the lights for 6 hours a day 7 days a week they will last at least 10 years.


Can I connect your outdoor wall lights to a motion sensor or photocell?

Yes you can this is the best way to make the lights as energy efficient as you can only illuminating them when they are needed.

One thing we recommend when using with a PIR movement sensor is that you set the time that the lights stay as a minimum of 1 minute the reason for this is having the light flicking on and off constantly can reduce the overall life of the LED, the same applies to standard halogen light bulbs.LWA405 outdoor wall light


How energy efficient are your lights?

This range of LED garden wall lights are as energy efficient as you can get you will not find anything in the market place that uses so little energy.

We have shown in another article how much in monetary value you can save with LED’s but to give you an idea of the energy use between a standard light bulb and LED. The LED lamp will be more than half the energy consumption than a standard light bulb which can add up to a large saving through the year.


Do your LED outside wall lights need a transformer?

Yes the do but this is supplied and built into the light so you just connect the light fitting as you would a normal light.


What colour light do your garden wall lights produce?

The development of LED’s has meant that you can have the LED produce a range of colours of light. The fittings in our range produce a warm white LED light which is similar to the warm glow given off by halogen light bulbs. We can if required special order out exterior wall lights with cool white LED’s that give off an icy blue white light. But for the majority of applications the warm white light is the preferred choice.


Can your outside porch lights be dimmed?

No our range of outdoor wall lights cannot be dimmed.


How do I work out how bright your outside wall lights will be compared to my existing lights?

On the description of our outside wall lighting we give a lumen output level for the LED, this is the measured amount of light the LED produces, a general rule of thumb is 10-11 lumens is equivalent to 1 watt of a halogen light bulb.

Example :

6 Watt LED Outdoor wall light

430 lumens light output

This will be equivalent to a 45-50 watt halogen lamp


Do your outdoor wall lights require any maintenance?

No not much. Just a wipe over with a cloth every so often to make sure they are clean will do the trick.


I live near the coast will your outside wall lights be ok for this application?

A question we get asked a lot. It is a problem that happens a lot with cheap garden wall light fittings as the metal used is of low grade and not protected from the salty environment which causes the metal to get pitted and rust runs appear from the screws and fixings.

Our range use high grade aluminium which is powder coated to deal with the harsh environments of coastal installation. We would recommend some additional maintenance though any fittings where the screw is recessed into the fitting just put some Vaseline into the screw hole this will prevent water gathering in there which reduces the chances of any corrosion.

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