Under Cupboard Lights – A Must For Every Kitchen

If your kitchen is like most people’s kitchens across the UK then much of your food preparation is done on a cutting board on your kitchen cabinets. However, with the top cupboards actually shading your counter tops and limiting the amount of light you have for your food preparation making it necessary to have under cupboard lights to provide task lighting.

There is some modern and efficient kitchen worktop lighting that is linear in shape and designed to fit under your upper kitchen cabinets. These under cupboards lights can show off your counter top in style and provide you with the task lighting you need.LTB003 Linkable LED under cabinet lighting

Cabinet lighting can make a huge difference in the brightness and warmth of your kitchen décor and can make completing tasks such as cutting meat and vegetables, and even cleaning simpler and easier. Best of all under cupboard lights stay mostly out of sight and don’t take up extra space on your counter tops or walls.

You can place one or two under cupboard lights under areas of your cabinet where you need the light the most, or place kitchen work top lighting under all of your upper cabinets to allow for more working space and overall better general lighting in kitchen.

Once you have decided to install under cupboard lights in your kitchen, you next decision will be to decide what type of lighting option to choose. While traditional lighting options like incandescent or fluorescent lighting are familiar and comfortable, you may just want to consider LED lighting to meet your cabinet lighting needs.

Why LED Under Cabinet Lights?

There are several benefits to choosing LED under cabinet lights for your kitchen work top lighting. Here is a look at some of those benefits.

Energy Efficiency- LED lighting is extremely energy efficient with LED lights only using somewhere between 20% and 50% that is needed by other types of lighting. Not only does this mean that you will save money on your monthly energy bill, but you will also be helping to reduce the demand on your local energy company.

Low Maintenance- LED cabinet lighting has no light bulbs to change and these lights can last 20,000, 50,000 or 70,000 hours depending on the specific light and company. This means that these lights will give you years of maintenance free lighting under normal use while saving you money because you won’t be constantly buying light bulbs.

Highly Affordable- LED lighting is also highly affordable with these light only costing a few dollars more initially than those more traditional lights. However, when you consider that you will be saving energy and that you don’t have to buy replacement light bulbs then you will soon figure out that LED lighting may actually be cheaper in the long run than more traditional lighting.

You do need to understand that you will need to have a professional electrician install these lights for you since they need to be wired into your 110/240 volt electric main.

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