Surface Type Downlight Fittings – Where Do You Use Them?

Surface type downlight – Lighting is an important factor in any room in the house. By carefully considering the style of the room you are thinking about updating, you can choose lights that are not only able to properly illuminate your space, but you can choose ones that enhance the overall appearance of it in a decorative way. LED downlighter style lights are one of the most commonly incorporated styles of lights in most rooms in the house. This is due not only to their ability to shine plenty of light from overhead but also because of their modern appeal that furthers the overall contemporary look of your space.

Why Should You Choose Surface Type Downlight Fittings?

When creating a modern space, many people look first to recessed lighting, but not all ceilings are compatible with this style of light fittings. A surface mounted ceiling light can easily stand in place for recessed lighting in places that cannot support a recessed light, giving you a similar style of illumination with the added appeal of modern fixtures. Surface type downlight fittings are also well suited to a variety of places, including both domestic and commercial applications alike. Their versatility of placement makes them a common choice.

How to Choose the Best Surface Mounted LED Lighting

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the type of downlight for your space. They are as follows:

  • These types of light comes in a number of different shapes to choose from in order to best suit your space. Hexagonal light fixtures are a great choice for ultra-contemporary spaces thanks to their artistic, modern appearance that almost looks like a sculpture in and of itself. Alongside those, you can choose boxier models that have crisp lines and angles in order to create a more urban or industrial style for your space. Long bar lights work just as well to provide a touch of style while also shining a large beam of illumination evenly over a certain area.
  • Many LED downlighter fittings come in three standard finishes: chrome, black or white. In this way, you can choose a colour that fits right in with the rest of your space. Alternatively, you can choose a light that artistically contrasts with the decor in the space for a nice bit of accent.
  • In order to ensure a long life for your light fittings, you should look out for lights fashioned out of premium materials. One of the most popular materials for these lights is aluminium, which outlasts may years of use without taking on damage or showing signs of wear and tear.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to lighting a modern space that cannot accommodate recessed lighting, a surface mounted downlight is your best bet. No matter what your taste or needs might be, you are sure to find the perfect downlight in our collection. Browse our expansive selection of downlights in a number of shapes, styles and colours and begin designing or renovating your space today.


LBL251-BK 5 Watt Black Ceiling Downlight

LBL251-BK 5 watt black surface mounted LED downlight

LBL137 Round 12 Watt Black Surface Ceiling Downlighter

LBL137 surface mounted LED downlight

LBL253A 15 Watt White Hexagonal Surface Type Downlight

LBL253A-WT 15 watt white surface mounted LED downlight

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