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Surface mounted downlights – LED lights stand concrete as the current trend for the embellishment of any house or property. It was not so long ago when the invention of these lights actually replaced the conventional use of bulbs. Well, if you haven’t got one of these in your house, then surely you will want now. Surface mounted downlight is the current obsession of many architects and interior designers. Not only Surface mounted downlight looks beautiful but also helps in uplifting the environment of the house.

Why Use Surface Mounted Downlight Fittings

Well, there’s nothing to worry about, as you’ll be able to locate surface mounted LED lights easily from our website. Different types of LED lights have been displayed in a beautiful manner in the catalogue section. Linear lighting can easily be bought from the website with massive discounts which have been given.

Why buy from us?

Well there are multiple answers for this single question. The first thing is that linear lighting happens to be a current trend. Moreover, the range that we are offering is unique, in quality and beauty. However, the feature that actually steps out as the showstopper is the life hours of the LED’s. Our LED’s have a 3 year guarantee with a long life of 20,000 hours, which is 20 times more than a conventional bulb.

Worried about the bills?

Well, our surface mounted downlight has proven themselves as one of the most energy efficient lights. As compared to the old and conventional bulbs, they consume less energy and won’t rip off your pocket at all. You just need the correct amount of LED’s in the house.

Modern Surface Mounted Downlights

Yes! You got that right. We’re not just modern but we rightly comply with the ultra modern trends of the current era. Each of the surface mounted LED light and the ceiling light fixture, have been carved beautifully to adjust in your house. The design of the lights is as such that it will surely melt your heart within seconds.

Will you have any problem with the ceiling?

Well, some lights are designed in a way that the ceilings cannot withstand their weights. To overcome this issue, the modern LED’s are coming out in the shape of a ceiling. This is why ceiling lighting fixtures can also be bought from our website very easily. You surely wouldn’t have to worry about the ceiling this time. This is why the new surface mounted downlight are the first choice of LED customers these days.

Why you need an Expert to Install Surface mounted downlight?

No! Not at all. After buying the surface mounted downlight, it is important that you handle them with great care. Surely, you won’t be able to install them in the house yourself, so better for you to call an expert. Many qualified electricians handle them with great care and install properly. They know how to play around with them while working. Most of the inexperienced electricians only tend to cause only more damage, so beware.

LBL252 10 Watt Heaxagonal Surface Mounted Downlight

LBL252 10 watt twin hexagonal surface mounted LED downlight - Modern ceiling light

LBL136 9 Watt Black Surface Mounted Downlight

9 watt surface mounted LED downlight

LBL253A 15 Watt Hexagonal Surface Downlight

LBL253A 15 Watt Surface Mounted Downlight

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