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Surface mounted cylinder downlight – When it comes to modern homes and businesses, many people prefer to have recessed lighting. Recessed lighting gives off a distinctly contemporary look that instantly enhances any space. Concealing most of the fixture behind the ceiling creates a minimalistic appearance. Even so, not every ceiling is equipped for recessed lighting. For instance, older buildings with thinner ceilings may not be thick enough to accommodate them.

In this case, it may be impossible to get the recessed lighting you want, but not the look of recessed lighting. There are other alternatives to recessed lighting that promote a similar effect: surface ceiling downlight fixtures. Ceiling downlights attach directly to the ceiling where a recessed light would go, shining illumination straight down like a recessed light. Some might argue that they are even more stylish and modern than recessed lights, thanks to their unique appearance being exposed.

How to Choose the Best Surface Mounted Cylinder Downlight

There are many things to consider before deciding upon your next ceiling downlights:

  • The finish is arguably as important when it comes to style as the shape itself. With the finish, you can either choose to blend the light into the existing decor colours or use it to contrast for a more artistic appearance. Oftentimes, you’ll find these lights are finished in white, black or chrome, making them neutral enough to work with absolutely anything.
  • Just like with any other light style, having a fixture manufactured out of durable material will help it last longer. It is best to look for strong material compositions such as aluminium. This is true for any kind of light, from surface mounted cylinder downlights and beyond.
  • BULB TYPE. Since the primary function of a surface ceiling downlight is to light up the space, the type of illumination itself is important. When shopping, pay attention to the type of illumination offered by the light. You can choose colour temperatures that best match the existing lights in your home. You can choose the best lumen output for your needs.

With surface mounted downlights, you can turn any space into one that is ultra-modern and contemporary. This is true even of spaces that cannot handle typical modern lighting, like recessed lighting. No matter what style of space you have to work with, there is sure to be a good choice for you in our shop. We offer surface mounted cylindrical downlight fixtures among others to help dress up your space according to your taste. Take a moment to shop our expansive collection today to find the one that is best suited to you.


LBL136 9 Watt Black Surface Mounted Cylinder Downlight

9 watt surface mounted LED downlight

LBL137 12 Watt Black Ceiling Mounted LED Downlight

13 watt black surface mounted LED downlight

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