Surface Mounted Ceiling Downlights

Downlights are quite popular in many of homes and businesses across the UK. In modern homes recessed ceiling lights are incredibly popular, however in older homes and buildings it can be quite expensive to have holes cut into your ceiling avoiding wiring and support beams in order to replace your old lighting with recessed downlights. The good news is that you can have surface mounted ceiling downlights installed.

What is the Difference Between Recessed and Surface Mounted Ceiling Downlights

The main difference between recessed and surface mounted downlights is that with a recessed downlight the ceiling light fixture is mounted up into the ceiling where it is not seen whereas, with Surface downlights the fixtures are clearly visible. In addition, surface mounted ceiling downlights are cheaper to install in old homes and they work great in basements with concrete or cement ceilings.13 watt black surface mounted LED downlight

LED Surface Lights Are Extremely Popular

LED surface lights are extremely popular nowadays for a number of different reasons. Here is a look at some of those reasons:

  • The Latest Technology- One of the reasons why LED surface lights are so popular is because they embrace the latest technology. Many people enjoy having all the latest technological gadgets in their home or business and LED lighting is no exception.
  • LED Lighting is Energy Efficient- LED lighting is also extremely energy efficient with these lights using only 20% to 50% of the energy used by more traditional lighting options. When you consider that LED downlights are arranged with a number of lights in the ceiling the money you save on your energy bill can be significant. The larger the room the more surface mounted ceiling downlights you have, the more you will appreciate the amount of money you save. In larger places such as a hotel lobby or a conference room these savings can be significant.
  • LED Lighting is Long Lasting- LED lighting is long-lasting with these lights lasting for 2000 to 70000 hours or more before they need changing which means you won’t be climbing up and down ladders in order change to light bulb after light bulb. In fact, not only does this mean that you won’t have to buy and change replacement bulbs every few weeks or months, it also means that these lights are safer because you won’t be constantly risking a fall from those ladders while changing you light bulbs.
  • LED Surface Lights are Affordable- While LED lights do cost a few dollars more initially than traditional lights they more than make up for that initial cost in both the money you save on your energy bill and because you won’t have the expense of purchasing light bulbs for your lights. In the end LED surface mounted ceiling lights may actually end up saving you money, which is something every home and business owner wants.

You do need to keep in mind that LED lighting does need to be hardwired directly into your 110/240-volt electric main. Please have a license electrician wire these lights for your safety and the safety of your building.

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