Surface Mounted Black Downlight – Why Use Them In the Home

Surface mounted black downlight – For many, recessed lighting is the preferred type of illumination to add to their modern homes. Recessed lighting offers a sleek, minimalistic and attractive appearance, perfect for contemporary spaces. Even so, for one reason or another, not every ceiling is built to house recessed lighting. Fortunately, those with ill-equipped ceilings to use recessed lighting can still benefit from the modernity and illumination style of recessed lighting with a ceiling downlighter.

What Are Ceiling Downlighters?

A ceiling downlighter, often referred to as an LED surface downlight, is a light that attaches to the ceiling and shines light directly downward. In this way, it serves the same functional purpose as recessed lighting, but goes the extra mile to add style to the space. A surface mounted black downlight in a good choice of modern light fixture that can go a long way toward enhancing the overall aesthetic of the home.

What Are the Different Types of Surface Mounted Black Downlight?

These fixtures come in a variety of shapes for you to choose from:

  • Honeycomb-shaped light fixtures are now very popular, whether they are used alone or attached to other geometric shapes to create a full honeycomb or another unique shape.
  • A square light fixture is one of the most modern choices of lights you can choose outside of geometric. The crisp lines and angles add contemporary flair to any room in which they are placed.
  • BAR LIGHTS. Long bar lights are ideal for homes that have an industrial modern aesthetic. They also tend to shine more light at once over a broader area of space, offering more illumination in just one installation.

How To Choose the Best Surface Mounted Black Downlight for You

  • Of the above-mentioned choices, you can choose the one that best suits the design of your space. Take into account whether the space is more modern or transitional and go from there.
  • To ensure the lights will last for as long as they can, choosing fixtures manufactured using premium materials is the best idea. Lights that are fabricated out of aluminium or metal tend to be the most durable and reliable.
  • The finish given to the light fixture plays a big role in the overall appearance of the space. Finishes for these lights come in neutral colours that are easy to integrate into spaces. A surface mounted black downlight is especially beneficial, as black doesn’t clash with other hues.
  • IP RATING. Since there is a level of moisture in the kitchen due to cooking and cleaning, choosing a light with a proper IP rating couldn’t hurt. Opt for something that is at least water resistant for best results.

For those who like the appeal of recessed lighting but don’t have ceilings appropriate for them, ceiling downlighter options make a good second choice. These lights are just as versatile in appearance as any other type of light and can instantly elevate the appearance of the space. In this article, we discussed different types of downlighter shapes. We also provided a brief buying guide to make it easier for you to choose your new light.

LBL252 10 Watt Surface Mounted Black Downlight

LBL252-BK 10 watt black surface mounted LED downlight

LBL253B 13 Watt Surface Mounted Black Downlight

LBL253B-BK 15 watt black surface mounted LED downlight


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