Surface LED Downlight – Ideal For a Solid Ceiling

A surface LED downlight is a ceiling light fixture that mounts to the surface of the ceiling. These lights are popular with people who either cannot use standard downlights because the ceiling is solid (such as concrete) or because you don’t want to go to the extent of having the ceiling prepared for recessed lighting.

Surface LED downlights have many benefits

Versatile- LED surface light fixtures can be used as the main light source, used to highlight key areas in your room, or used for layered lighting. They also can be used as the center light in a room if you have recessed lighting around the wall area. These lights also come in round, square, and linear versions. They also come in different colors and may contain a single bulb, double bulb, triple bulb as well as the linear ceiling light style. They also come in various wattages.

Decorative- Surface LED downlights are often used for their decorative effect.

Easy Maintenance- Surface LED downlights are easy to maintain. LED bulbs function for 20,000 hours reducing the amount of time you need to change light bulbs and the ceiling light fixture is easy to clean.

Energy Efficient- Surface LED downlights are also energy efficient since there are no holes cut to fit in the light fixtures that air can leak around. In addition, the LED bulbs themselves are more energy efficient than traditional light bulbs.

Why Choose Our Surface Downlight Fittings

Here at Ultra Beam Lighting we have a small selection of surface downlights. Our surface LED downlights are our own designs so they are not only attractive, but are also unique. Our linear ceiling light is our most popular seller although our other LED surface downlights are also popular. If you are wondering why you should choose our ceiling light fixtures here are a few reasons you may want to consider.

The Quality of Our Product- When making our lights we use quality materials and the latest LED technology making our LED surface light fixtures extremely high quality.

All of Our Lights are Ultra Modern Designs- All of our lights are ultra modern designs that will make any room look attractive.

3 Year Guarantee- All of our lights come with a 3 year guarantee.

Our Surface Lights are Extremely Versatile- Our surface lights are extremely versatile and can be placed anywhere on your ceiling depending on your need and your own aesthetics.

Our Lights Can Be Used for Home and Commercial Uses- Our lighting can be used for both home and commercial uses. In fact, many UK chain hotels have our lights in their hotels.

Please take the time to view our surface lighting on our website. We think you will find the Surface LED downlight you are looking for.

When having any light fixtures installed in your home you need to have a professional qualified electrician install the lights for you.

LBL278 42 Watt Round Black Surface Mounted LED Downlight

LBL278-BK 42 watt round black surface mounted LED downlight

LBL116 20 Watt Linear Surface Mounted LED Downlight

LBL116-BK surface mounted LED downlight

LBL251 5 Watt Hexagonal Surface Mounted LED Downlight

LBL251 5 watt hexagonal surface LED downlight

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