7 Great Surface Mounted Downlight Ideas

When it comes to decorative downlight fixtures, a surface downlight is sure to be your best bet. Unlike recessed lighting, an LED surface mount downlight has the fixture itself on display instead of nestled away in the ceiling. This can create a unique look in any room of your home or business while still giving you the modern illumination appeal of ceiling spotlights.

Below, we will explore some common questions regarding surface down light fixtures while highlighting seven creative LED surface downlight options.


LBL251 5 Watt Hexagonal Surface Mounted LED Downlight


LBL251 5 watt hexagonal surface LED downlight


If you like your home or workplace to have some modern flair, you’re sure to find it in the LBL251 5 Watt Hexagonal Surface Mounted LED Downlight. This black surface mounted downlight has a hexagonal shape that is finished in a sleek matte black. Inside is a goldtone finish that adds a hint of sophistication to the light.

From the fixture comes 400 lumens of 3000k warm white LED light shining at a 30-degree beam angle, so you can stay in control of just where it shines. Choose from black, white or silver finishes to suit the aesthetic of any space in your home.



LSP705 5 Watt Adjustable Surface Mounted LED Downlight


LSP705 5 watt adjustable surface mounted LED spotlight

If you like having a surface mounted adjustable downlight with directionality you can control, the LSP705 5 Watt Adjustable Surface Mounted LED Downlight is an excellent choice. The light head has the ability to be tilted as much as 90 degrees and twisted up to 350 degrees, so you can customize its orientation with ease.

The light outputs 430 lumens of 3000k warm white light, making it well suited for placement in any domestic setting. Built to last, the fixture is fashioned out of high quality aluminium with your choice of a black or white finish to suit the existing décor in any space.



LBL253B 15 Watt Hexagonal Surface Mounted LED Downlight


LBL253B 15 watt surface mounted ceiling light restaurant lighting suppliers


Create an eye-catching space with the LBL253B 15 Watt Hexagonal Surface Mounted LED Downlight on your ceiling. This unique ceiling surface mounted downlight features a honeycomb shape comprised of three hexagonal fixtures joined together. They are crafted out of sleek aluminium and available in white, silver or black finishes to suit any preferences.

The light heads combine to output a total of 1200 lumens of light, making it ultra-bright. The 3000k warm white LED light shines from the fixture at a 30-degree beam angle coming from each light.



LBL116 20 Watt Black Surface Mounted 1200mm Long LED Downlight Fitting


LBL116 20 watt 1000mm black linear light


Perfect for covering a larger area of space over a desk or other task-driven area, this LBL116 20 Watt Black Surface Mounted 1200mm Long LED Downlight Fitting is a super bright, powerful ceiling mounted downlight. It features a simple bar shape that outputs 1600 total lumens of 3000k warm white LED colour, which shines from behind a frosted acrylic diffuser. The diffuser is set within a black fixture that works well with décor of any kind.



LBL709 18 Watt Surface Mounted LED Downlight


LBL709 18 watt twin surface mounted LED downlight


Add some contemporary flair to your space with the LBL709 18 Watt Surface Mounted LED Downlight. The light features a rectangular exterior that plays host to two LED bulbs. They work in tandem to output a total of 1600 lumens of 3000k warm white light, making the fixture bright but gentle on the eyes. This light shines at a 24-degree beam angle from the aluminium fixture, which is available in either black or white.



LBL183 5 Watt Round Black Surface Mounted Soffit LED Downlight


LBL183 5 watt surface mounted external soffit lighting


Bring the beauty of surface mounted lights to your outdoor space with the LBL183 5 Watt Round Black Surface Mounted Soffit LED Downlight. This IP65 surface mounted downlight can withstand exposure to the elements without taking on damage and features a sleek cylindrical body crafted out of high quality aluminium. The soffit light outputs 430 lumens of 3000k warm white light that shines straight down.



LBL249 12 Watt Round Black Surface Mounted Soffit LED Downlight


LBL249 12 watt black ip65 outdoor LED spotlights


Last but not least on this list is the LBL249 12 Watt Round Black Surface Mounted Soffit LED Downlight. This downlight is particularly well suited for spaces that prize minimalism and subtlety above all. It has a wide cylindrical body that has a smooth, matte black finish, which fits into spaces of any kind with ease.

The 3000k warm white light shines down from the fixture at 1000 lumens, making it especially nice and bright for larger rooms. Thanks to the opal acrylic diffuser, the light is gentle on the eyes.

This surface mounted downlight is IP65-rated and perfectly suited for indoor and outdoor use.


Why Use Surface Mounted LED Downlights?

Surface mounted downlights became more popular over the years, primarily as an alternative to recessed lighting. A round surface downlight provides a similar appearance to a recessed light without the necessary construction to recess a fixture into the ceiling itself. For those whose ceilings have a depth unable to accommodate a fixture, these lights are perfect.

Surface mounted spotlights can add visual flair to a space as well since the fixtures are left exposed and not hidden away inside the ceiling. Beyond that, they are also far easier to fit than recessed lighting because they do not need to have holes cut into the ceiling to accommodate them.

When it comes to any given surface downlight, black, white and silver are common finishes you’ll find, making it easy for you to incorporate them into any room in the house. There are even outdoor surface mounted downlights, so you can bring the appeal of these fixtures into your outdoor living space.



Where Can You Use Surface Mounted LED Downlights?

Surface mounted downlights are versatile, so you can use them in any room of the house or even outdoors. By adding them to a room, you can add some depth and interest thereby adding visual intrigue to the ceiling instead of leaving it completely flat. This can be said for outdoor areas such as soffits as well.

If you choose to install these lights in a bathroom or outside, you will, of course, need to be mindful of the IP ratings of the light. IP ratings will indicate whether or not the light is suited to withstand the moisture of these areas, so you shouldn’t overlook it.

The bathroom is especially important to take special note of because there are zones in the bathroom that dictate what lights should go where. Universally, you would be fine placing an IP65-rated light in any area of the bathroom, but this is not always possible.

Surface mounted lights are also commonly used outside of the house, such as in commercial and hospitality applications, as a part of a grander lighting design scheme.



What Are the Best LED Colours for Ceiling Mounted Surface Downlights?

LED colour temperature is a way to discuss the warmth or coolness of a light. The colour temperature exists on a spectrum ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 degrees Kelvin. On the upper end of the spectrum is where you’ll find the cooler lights. Conversely, warm lights are positioned along the bottom of the spectrum.

Each type of light has its time to shine, so to speak, in different locations. When it comes to domestic settings, however, sticking with warm lights tends to be recommended. A warm white LED light around the 3,000k mark remains clear and bright enough to illuminate a space easily while still being gentle on the eyes.

If you are lighting a commercial area, on the other hand, you may find that cooler lights work better for you, somewhere in the range of 4,000k and 6,000k.

Ultimately, it does come down to preference. For instance, some may prefer to make their kitchen look cosier with warm light, while others will prefer a crisp, cool and bright cool light instead. Whatever you choose, just be sure you are sticking to either warm or cool, so you don’t cause a clash that is unpleasant on the eyes.

LED colour temperature guide


Which Surface Mounted LED Downlighters Can You Use Outside?

Surface mounted LED downlights can be used outdoors, but only if they are prepared to withstand exposure to the elements. To be sure they are protected from inclement weather, you will need to use IP65-rated downlights. These waterproof lights won’t allow the entry of any moisture, prolonging their life.

These lights can be used under garden canopies, soffits, porch areas and patio areas all the same. They’ll bring a similar charm and modern style to the outdoor space as they can indoors.

Furthermore, you can connect surface mounted outdoor lights to motion sensors. In doing so, they can be worked into your outdoor security light setup.



Which Surface Mounted Ceiling Downlights Can You Use in a Bathroom?

As previously stated, there are certain zones in a bathroom that you will need to adhere to. Zones closer to the tub and shower area will require IP65-rated lighting due to their proximity to water and humidity. This means if you want a surface mounted downlight above the shower, you’ll need to take extra care to ensure the lights you choose are properly rated.

In other areas of the bathroom, such as around the perimeter or near the sink, you can usually get away with lower IP ratings, such as IP44 or even IP20.


What Are IP Ratings?


IP ratings, or Ingress Protection ratings, are indicators of a light fixture’s ability to protect itself from damage by moisture and solids alike. An IP rating is comprised of two digits, representing their protection against solids and moisture respectively. The breakdown looks something like this:


First Digit – Solid Objects


0  –  Not protected against intrusions by solid objects of any size

1  –  Protected against objects larger than 50 millimeters

2  –  Protected against objects larger than 12 millimeters

3  –  Protected against objects larger than 2.5 millimeters

4  –  Protected against objects larger than 1 millimeter

5  –  Dust protected, meaning dust will not get in the way of the operation of the light

6  –  Dust tight, meaning no entry of dust of any size is permitted


Second Digit – Moisture and Water


0  –  Not protected against water

1  –  Protected against lightly dripping water

2  –  Protected against dripping water when the fixture is tilted at an angle of 15 degrees

3  –  Protected against spraying water when the fixture is tilted at an angle of 60 degrees

4  –  Protected against splashing water regardless of the direction

5  –  Protected against water from jets from any direction

6  –  Protected against powerful water jets from any direction

7  –  Protected when immersed in water as deep as one meter

9  –  Protected when immersed in water deeper than one meter

Lighting IP ratings Chart


Surface mounted downlights have the potential to spruce up your home with their visual detail and depth. Thanks to their ability to be installed on any ceiling, they can easily be installed in the rooms of your choosing, regardless of the depth of the ceilings.

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