Square Surface Mounted Downlights

If you are looking for unique ceiling light fittings for your home or business then you may want to take a look at the square surface mounted downlight. Surface mounted downlights are the perfect way to install downlights in any large room or area without having to cut holes in your existing ceiling. These square surface mounted downlights are great looking and adds a touch of sophistication to any home, hotel or office décor.

Best Uses of Square Surface Mounted Downlights

Square surface mounted downlights are best used in large open spaces where you want or need general lighting. Normally several downlights are installed in the ceiling so that they cover they entire ceiling of a room or open space. These lights are best used in kitchens, hotel lobbies, office conference rooms, warehouses and other large spaces.LBL173 surface mounted LED downlight

Most surface mounted downlights are adjustable so that you can focus the beam of the light exactly where you need it the most.

Surface mounted downlights may use traditional lighting options or may use LED technology to provide lighting. Surface LED downlighters are increasing in popularity both for home and business applications.

LED square surface mounted downlights can provide several benefits to both home and business owners. These benefits include:

Energy Efficient- surface LED downlighters are incredibly energy efficient since these lights use only a fraction of the energy of more traditional lighting. In most cases LED lighting only uses 20% to 50% of the energy that traditional lighting requires.

Since LED lighting uses so much less energy than those traditional lighting options these lights can save you a good deal on your energy bill. The more LED lights you have, the more money you will save.

In addition, to saving you energy, you also will be reducing the demand for energy on the energy company.

LED Square Surface Mounted Downlights are Long Lasting

Since downlights are attached to the ceiling to your home or business it can require a lot of effort on your part (or your maintenance’s part) to ensure that each of these lights continue to work. With traditional light bulbs only lasting about 1000 hours, you will need to constantly be changing bulbs in your downlights.

With LED downlights there are no light bulbs to change and these lights can last up to 20,000 hours or more before these lights need to be changed. This means with regular use LED downlighters can last for years without needing to be changed.

LED Lighting is Affordable

Best of all LED lighting is affordable. The initial cost of LED lights is slightly higher than other lighting options, but the money you save on your lighting bill and on light bulbs will quickly make up for the higher cost of these lights and overtime will likely make LED lighting more affordable than more traditional lighting options.

These lights do need to be wired into your 110/240-volt electric main, which will require the assistance of a professional licensed electrician.

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