Linear Light Fitting – Stylish Surface Mounted Ceiling Lights

A linear light fitting is simply a long light fitting that can may be designed as a wall or a ceiling light. Linear light fittings sometimes called a ceiling light bar are normally a surface mounted downlight that is long and narrow rather than round or square.

Surface mounted downlights are often used in warehouses, retail stores and other businesses. These lights normally provide general lighting for these types of businesses.LBL116-BK surface mounted LED downlight

A linear light fitting is normally a box like light fitting with the light inside the box and a cover over the light itself. These lights provide amble lighting to conduct business and for customers to view various merchandise.

Surface mounted downlights fit directly onto the ceiling of the room rather than being attached to a chain or recessed into the ceiling void. These linear light fittings have a minimalistic look that goes with any décor. Modern ceiling light bars often are designed using the latest in LED technology.

Features of LED Linear Light Fittings

Here is a look at some of the features of LED linear light fittings.

  • LED linear light fittings are normally finished in chrome or in black and may feature a single long light or several adjustable single lights mounted inside the fitting.
  • LED surface mounted downlights are energy efficient. These lights are less expensive to operate than more traditional lighting options. Normally LED lights use only 20% to 50% of the energy of other types of lighting which depending on the number of linear light fittings you have in your building could result in big savings. This reduced energy consumption also reduces the demand on the local energy company.
  • LED Ceiling bar lights are long lasting. These lights can last anywhere between 20,000 to 70,000 hours depending on the individual light, which gives you years of lighting before these lights need to be changed.
  • Maintenance Free- LED linear light fittings do require any light bulbs so there is no maintenance that needs to be done on these lights after they are installed until it time to change them several years from the time of installation.
  • LED lights burn cooler. Warehouses can be particularly warm during the summer months so having a group of lights that gives off excess heat as waste can make the temperatures in some warehouses unbearable. Since LED lighting burns cooler then won’t add any additional heat to your warehouse or retail establishment.
  • LED Linear Light Fittings are affordable- LED lighting is extremely affordable. While these lights cost slightly more to purchase than more traditional lighting options these lights more than make up for this initial cost by the amount they save you both in your reduced energy cost and the money you save in not having to buy light bulbs for your lights.

LED linear light fittings do need to be hard wired into your 240 volt electric main so installation and wiring of these lights should be done by a licensed electrician.

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