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LED Surface mounted downlight – Standard LED downlight fittings are the ideal lighting when your ceiling is recessed. However, not everyone would have the options of having a recessed ceiling. Do not fret in such situations as what you require is an LED surface mounted downlight. Of course, there are a variety of reasons for using LED surface mounted downlight other than the ceiling not being recessed. The modern world demands that you make not just the exterior of your house modern. But also, the interior as well. The best part is that all the products we offer are of the highest quality. And are designed so just that you can make the interior of your house modern. Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for LED surface mounted downlight:

Why Use LED Surface Mounted Downlight on a Solid Ceiling

A solid ceiling is quite common in the UK. Houses that are built even today have a solid ceiling because it can withstand the pressures of time. But of course standard LED downlight are not an option if you have a solid ceiling. The best alternative one should go for is the LED surface mounted downlight. Its fits perfectly on your ceiling and does not damage it at all. The fix to the surface of a ceiling and produce the same and times better result than the standard LED downlights.

Our Exclusive Features:

Surface mounted LED lights and all our other products come with a wide range of designs. The benefits are also countless, as we like to put forward the best product possible. LED Surface mounted downlight comes with a three year guarantee. Which itself is a good enough deal, as it tells about how high the quality is. Furthermore, a regular light bulb would fail within a year or max two. And the fact is that these Ceiling light fittings have around 20,000 hours of light in them! This features automatically makes them a superior lighting product.

Why Use LED Surface Mounted Downlights

Admit it, regular bulbs not just look ugly but they are inferior when it comes to functionality as well. A house should not look traditional these days, and this exactly what the LED lights will do. They will make the interior of your house modern. Gone are the days when traditional lighting was a thing. And it is not too late to hop on the bandwagon of ultra modern lighting.

Our Best Product:

Well we like to think that all of our products are top-notch and the best! However, if you really want something that is class apart and more than just modern. Then linear lighting is the way to go. Our product LBL108 25 WATT BRUSHED SILVER SURFACE MOUNTED LINEAR LED DOWNLIGHT FITTING is what your interior needs. This LED Surface mounted downlight is a class apart because it can do wonders. You can adjust in any direction you like and the light will remain linear.


LBL252 10 Watt LED Surface Mounted Downlight Fittings

LBL252 10 watt twin hexagonal surface mounted LED downlight - Modern ceiling light

LBL253B 15 Watt LED Surface Mounted Downlight Fittings

LBL253B 15 watt surface mounted LED downlight - Hexagonal LED downlight ceiling light


LBL137 12 Watt Black Surface Mounted Downlight

LBL137 12 watt round black LED surface mounted downlight

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