IP65 Surface Mounted Downlight – What Are They and How To Use Them

IP65 surface mounted downlight – Soffit and canopy lighting is a quick and easy way to illuminate and decorate the exterior of your home or business. Read on to learn more about this specific type of lighting.

What Is a Soffit Light?

Soffit lights are outside ceiling lights that are recessed into the soffit. You can also add ceiling mounted lights to the area if it cannot accommodate recessed lighting and still enjoy the same effect.

The soffit is the overhang area that sits beneath the roofline. By adding outdoor under canopy lighting such as this, you can bring illumination to some oft-overlooked areas of your outdoor space. Not only is this a decorative option, but it can also make your guests or company feel more comfortable approaching the house.

You can also install an IP65 surface mounted downlight under a covered porch or deck. This can help illuminate the entryway for your guests or provide you with a well-lit place to relax outdoors at night.

How To Choose the Best Outside Ceiling Lights

There are a few things to keep in mind when selecting your ceiling lights:

  • RECESSED OR CEILING MOUNTED. Some ceilings can easily house recessed lighting, but some are not built to accommodate it. Before looking at any of the other features of your exterior lighting, it’s a good idea to check what kind of lights your soffit area can accept.
  • IP RATING. When it comes to soffit lighting, an IP65 surface mounted downlight is best. This is due to the fact that, even though it is technically under a cover, it still stands to get wet. Whether this is because of driving rain and wind pushing the rain against the lights or water dripping from the roof, it is a good idea to have waterproof lighting. An IP65 surface mounted downlight is therefore your best bet in terms of durability.
  • Similarly, you want to choose outdoor under canopy lighting that is built to last from the ground up. By choosing outside ceiling lights fabricated out of aluminium or steel, you have a better chance of them lasting a long time, so you won’t have to constantly replace them.
  • Though there is a bit of exposed area on a recessed light, the finish is especially important if you choose a ceiling mounted light. Options for finishes tend to be metallic colours or black or white. Because of the neutral appearance of these hues, they are easy to incorporate into exterior paint jobs of any colour.

Outdoor ceiling lights and soffit lights are a sensible way to add extra style and flair to the exterior of your home or business. They also bring necessary illumination to make the building easier to approach and find. In this article, we discussed what soffit lighting is as well as some locations where you can install it. We also gave out a few tips regarding how to pick out the best outdoor under canopy lighting for your space. When shopping for your next outdoor ceiling lights, refer back to this article for assistance.

LBL250 20 Watt Round IP65 Surface Mounted Downlight

LBL250 Round black 20 watt IP65 surface mounted downlight

LBL187 12 Watt Square IP65 Surface Mounted Downlight

square 12 watt LED soffit downlight


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