Black Surface Mounted Downlight – Use Light to Make Your Interior Sparkle

Black surface mounted downlight fittings give a modern and somewhat dramatic look to your home or business. More and more modern homes and businesses are choosing black coloured lighting for their dramatic appeal. Black surface mounted downlights are both appealing and highly functional with many people choosing LED surface mounted ceiling lights for their homes and businesses.

Why Use a Black Surface Mounted Downlight

Unlike recessed LED downlights surface mounted downlights unlike recessed lighting does not require you to cut holes into your ceiling since the light fixtures are all above the ceiling surface levels.

Black LED surface mounted ceiling lights are modern, attractive and convenient and offers many different benefits. These benefits include:

Black LED Surface Mounted Downlight Fittings Are Ultra Modern

Surface mounted LED lights are ultra modern their light fixtures providing an elegant and streamlined look. Although the ultra modern design of these downlights look great in modern homes they are simple enough to fit in with a variety of decors. Their modern yet simple elegant looks makes these the ideal surface mounted downlights for both homes and businesses.

LED Lights are Energy Efficient

LED surface mounted ceiling lights are extremely energy efficient with LED lighting only using between 20% and 50% of the lighting that more traditional forms of lighting use. When you consider the number of downlights needed to cover the ceiling of a large room, then you can imagine the money you can save on your utility bill choosing LED lighting.

LED Lighting is Long-Lasting

LED lighting is long-lasting with these lights lasting 20,000, 50,000 hours or more with these lights lasting several years before they need to be changed. Since downlights are installed on the ceiling of a room, having lights that last for years without needing to be changed means you don’t have to climb on ladders or step stools to change the LED lights like you do the light bulbs in other lighting options, reducing the risk of falls and injury.

LED Black Surface Mounted Downlight are Maintenance Free

With the exception of the occasional dusting, LED black surface mounted downlight fittings are maintenance free. Since these lights require no light bulbs, and provide thousands of hours of light without needing to be changed these lights don’t require any type of maintenance making them one of the most reliable types of lighting around.

LED Lighting Contains No Toxic Elements

Unlike Fluorescent lights that contain mercury, LED lighting contains no toxic elements what so ever.

Surface Mounted LED Lights Are Environmentally Friendly

Surface Mounted LED lights are environmentally friendly. Not only are these lights energy efficient reducing the demand on energy companies. They contain no toxic elements nor do they give off any excess heat, which can add to global warming. They also are 100% recyclable.

LED Lighting is Affordable

While LED lighting does initially cost marginally more than more traditional lighting, these lights more than make up for this initial cost by the simple fact that they save you on energy cost as well as saving you on the cost of light bulbs. Over time LED lighting is actually cheaper than more traditional lighting options.

You do need to have Your LED surface mounted ceiling lights installed by licensed electrician.

LBL136 9 Watt Round Black Surface Mounted Downlight

LBL136 round 9 watt black surface mounted downlight

LBL278 42 Watt Large Round Black Surface Mounted Downlight

LBL278 42 watt large black surface mounted downlight

LBL115 10 Watt Linear Black Surface Mounted Downlight

LBL115 10 watt linear black surface mounted downlight

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