Black Surface Mount LED Downlight – Create Drama With Lighting

Black surface mount LED downlight – Lights are one of many ways you can decorate your home. Though many people use lights only as a tool for illumination, they are missing out on the ample opportunity for adding to the decor. Because lights are such a prominent fixture in any room, they draw attention. This can also be said about the other decor in your home.

Because of this, your choice of ceiling light fixture choices should reflect how you’d like your home to look; they should not just be something put in place only for illumination. Interior LED downlighters are a kind of fixture that brings plenty of opportunity with them to decorate the home. They are versatile in appearance and can go a long way toward adding personality and charm to the space.

Types of Ceiling Light Fixtures

  • Geometric lights are among the most modern of the ceiling light fixture options you could choose from. They are artistic all on their own, especially ones that are attached like honeycombs. They can become a focal point rather quickly.
  • BAR LIGHT. Bar lights are also minimalistic and modern. They feature a long, thin body that gives off a clean and contemporary look. They also shine a light over a larger area of space at once for areas that need a lot of illumination.
  • SQUARE LIGHTS. Square lights are another modern option. Their boxy bodies look nice among other modern types of decor. They are very versatile light fixtures.
  • CIRCULAR LIGHTS. Circular lights are a good choice for homes that want a cleaner and simpler appearance. They are easy to work into the decor of most types and are neutral and minimalistic in that regard.

How To Choose a Black Surface Mount LED Downlight

  • From the above styles, you can begin by choosing which one best suits the atmosphere you are going for. You can even mix and match certain ones throughout the room to create a more varied effect.
  • Whether you’ve got your heart set on a black surface mount LED downlight or a metallic one, there is a place for both and even beyond. You can choose a colour that matches the existing colour scheme in your home and work it right in. You could also opt for one that stands out a bit to create some artistic contrast.
  • Much like any other light, you want to choose a ceiling light that will outlast the years. By choosing a durable light, you can save time and money by replacing or repairing them down the line. Metal, especially aluminium, is a great choice in that regard.
  • IP RATING. Depending on where you plan to place the light, you may need to get familiar with IP ratings and find one that best suits your space.

There are a huge number of ways to decorate your home with interior LED downlighters. No matter what your taste may be, you are sure to find an excellent choice of light in our collection. Browse our selection of black surface mount LED downlight fittings today and bring home your new favourite ceiling lights now.

LBL251 5 Watt Black Surface Mount LED Downlight

LBL251-BK 5 watt black surface mounted LED downlight


LBL253A 15 Watt Black Surface Mount LED Downlight

LBL253A-BK 15 watt black surface mounted LED downlight



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