Black Linear Light Fittings For Modern Style

Black linear lights are modern and elegant and can look great in many different styles of homes or business and used for several different purposes. These surface mounted downlights can are quite versatile and be used to provide lighting over a kitchen island or a sink. Over your bathroom mirror or be used to show off artwork in any room in your home or business. A black linear light can even be placed over your bed.

What are Black Linear Light Fittings

A Surface mounted ceiling light looks neat and tidy and does not require you to cut holes into your ceiling.

They do however need to be wired directly into your 240 electric main and installation of the light should be completed by a licensed electrician.

More and more people are choosing LED black linear lights for their home and business. There are a number of reasons why people are choosing LED surface mounted downlights over more traditional lighting and here are just some of the reasons.

  • LED Surface Ceiling Lights Are Well Made- LED surface ceiling lights are made using quality materials and the latest in LED technology making these lights both high quality and great looking. Their ultra modern look Makes them perfect for both home and commercial use.
  • LED Linear Lights Can Be Used for a Variety of Purposes- LED lighting can be used in your home’s kitchen, office, or bathroom. They also work and look great over a conference room table or a desk in your office. This type of lighting can also be used in a variety of other businesses as well.
  • LED Lighting is Affordable- LED lighting is more affordable than most people think. While these lights do cost a little more than traditional lighting, they cost is almost insignificant when compared to the other benefits you get when use these lights.
  • LED Lighting is Long-Lasting- LED lighting is long-lasting. An LED black linear light can last 20,000, 30,000, 50,000, 70,000 hours or longer. This means when these lights are used 8 hours a day or less they can last anyone from 3 to 10 years or more without needing to be changed.
  • LED Black Linear Lights Are Energy Efficient- LED lights are extremely energy efficient. These lights use much less energy than more traditional lighting and focus the light exactly where you would like the like the beam to go. LED lights wastes very little energy, which can save you money on your own energy bill.
  • LED Lighting is Low Maintenance- Since LED lights have no light bulbs to change they require very little in the way of maintenance until it time to change them years down the road. This can save you time in your home and save businesses money.
  • LED Lighting Leaves A Small Carbon Footprint- LED lighting leaves a very small carbon footprint. They make less demand on energy plants, give off no excess heat which adds to global warming and they contain no toxic materials. In addition, Led Black Linear lights are 100% recyclable so they won’t be adding to those landfills.

LBL115 10 Watt Black 600mm Linear Ceiling Light

LBL115 10 watt black linear light

LBL116 20 Watt 1000mm Black Linear Ceiling Light

LBL116 20 watt 1000mm black linear light

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