Efficient Adjustable Surface Mounted Downlight

An adjustable surface mounted downlight is a ceiling light fixture that is also referred to as a ceiling spotlight. Surface mounted downlights are used in both homes and businesses. Adjustable surface mounted downlights are normally used in all ready built homes or businesses.

Why Use and Adjustable Surface Mounted Downlight

  • The owner of the building does not want to go to the added expense of having holes cut into their existing building’s ceiling.
  • The property owner likes the looks of the ceiling fixtures and wants to use them as part of their building’s overall décor.
  • If your have concrete ceilings or other ceiling materials that makes it impossible to cut holes into the ceiling.

Adjustable surface mounted downlight fittings do allow you to tilt the light so that you can focus the beam wherever you need it the most. These lights are used for overall general lighting in basements, kitchens, lobbies, and conference and waiting rooms.

More and more people are choosing to surface LED downlights over other more traditional lighting options for a number of different reasons.

  • The Surface LED downlight is well made since most manufacturers of these lights use high quality materials for the light fittings and the latest LED technology, making these lights attractive and ultra modern.
  • LED lighting is long-lasting. LED lights may last anywhere from 20,000 to 70,000 hours of light before they need to be changed. When used for 8 hours a day or less these lights will last anywhere from 3 to 10 years or more.
  • LED light is energy efficient. Using adjustable surface mounted downlights in place of more traditional lights uses only about 50% of the energy that other lighting options use, This means you can save money of your energy bill using LED lighting. Best of all, the more LED lights you use, the more energy you save.
  • Surface LED lights are maintenance free. Since these lights have no light bulbs to change and last years before they need to be changed there is very little if any maintenance that these lights need.
  • LED lights are environmentally friendly. Not only are these lights energy efficient, which reduces the demand on local utilities, these lights also contain no toxic elements, and are 100% recyclable so no part of this type of lighting will be placed into a landfill.
  • LED Ceiling Lights are Affordable. While these lights initially cost a little more than more traditional lighting options, the price is more than made up for in the fact that you don’t have to continuously buy light bulbs and you save on energy cost lowering your energy bill.

Adjustable Surface Mounted Downlights do need to be hard wired into your 240 electric main. In order to ensure that that the wiring is done safely and properly installation should be done by a professional licensed electrician.

When choosing adjustable surface mounted downlights take the time to decide if LED lighting is right for you.

LBL108 10 Watt Twin Surface Mounted LED Downlight

LBL108 10 watt twin brushed silver adjustable surface mounted downlight

LBL108 15 Watt Triple Surface Mounted LED Downlight

LBL108 15 watt triple brushed aluminium adjustable surface mounted downlight

LBL108 25 Watt Surface Mounted Linear LED Downlight

LBL108 25 watt linear brushed aluminium adjustable surface mounted downlight

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