How Retro Hotel Lighting Gives Guests The WOW Factor

Retro Hotel Lighting – Your hotel is a place that guests come to relax. Whether they are in your establishment on business or traveling for pleasure, the hotel becomes home base for them to return to. For this reason, having the hotel feeling comfortable and well-lit is important to their experience. Often, the pendant lights in lobbies or the overhead lamps in the hotel suite itself are what are thought about the most. Other types of lights can often be neglected.

The truth is that having well-lit hallways and rooms is equally as important. With the right hospitality lighting fixtures, you can do so without sacrificing the style of your space. Both retro hotel lighting and modern hotel lights are available for you to choose from depending on the aesthetic of your hotel.

What Are Common Retro Hotel Lighting Types?

Some of the most common hotel lights that need to be considered are reading lights, indoor wall lights and even bathroom lights.

  • READING LIGHTS. When your guests settle into bed after a long day of sight-seeing or work, a reading light will help them wind down. They are a thoughtful addition that not all hotels think to include, but that they should. Reading lights attach to the wall and rest on either side of the beds. They shine a light in a direct beam down to a certain spot instead of illuminating the entire room. This is especially beneficial for those who are travelling with a partner with a different sleeping schedule.
  • INDOOR WALL LIGHTS. Lighting the hotel spaces requires having plentiful illumination where the pendant lights don’t shine as brightly. This includes in the corridors to help light the way for your guests as they navigate the halls to find their rooms in the dark. Wall lights come as both retro hotel lighting fixtures and modern hotel lights, so you can use them to decorate your halls and walls as much as you do to illuminate them.
  • BATHROOM LIGHTS. Having a well-lit bathroom is essential for creating a suite that your guests will love to stay in. With bathroom lights, you’ll also need to consider the moisture levels in the room. In so doing, you can ensure you are using lights with the right IP rating as not to allow them to take damage from shower steam. These lights are just as diverse as the others that give you the chance to make the space more customised and personal looking.

What to Look for When Shopping for Hospitality Lighting

Much like with any other light, there are certain things to consider when you look for a retro hotel lighting.

  • To make sure the light you choose looks its best, consider the outward shape and general appearance of the light. This includes everything from the shape to the texture.
  • Ensuring you get a light made from premium materials will help extend their life. Aluminium is often preferred.
  • IP RATING. In bathrooms or other moist areas, IP ratings should be checked right away.

No matter what sort of retro hotel lighting you’re looking for to fill out your hotel, you’re sure to find them here on our site.


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LWA284 LED wall light

LWA339 12 Watt Hollywood Style Bathroom Mirror Light

LWA339 12 watt LED bathroom wall light fitting

LWA220 3 Watt Square Recessed Bedside Reading Light

LWA220 3 watt recessed bedside reading light retro hotel lighting

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