Warm White Plinth Lights – Powerful Kitchen Effect Lighting

Warm white plinth lights – For years most people considered lighting to be a necessary. Lights were merely a way to light up a darkened room, hallways or outdoor area. Today lights serve more than just an utilitarian purpose, more and more people are using lighting to create an effect or to set a mood. One form of lighting that is becoming more and more popular for creating a mood, or a warm homey effect is adding warm white plinth lights to certain areas of your home or business.

What are the Many Uses of Warm White Plinth Lights

Plinth lighting is used in different rooms and these lights serve various purposes. Here are some different uses of warm white plinth lights through your home or business.

  • Kitchen Kickboard Lighting- One of the most common uses for warm white plinth lights is when they are placed in the kitchen kickboards to provide an atmosphere that is both exiting and warm. Since kitchens are gathering place in most home, kitchen kickboard lighting can be a great addition to any home.
  • Kitchen Counter Lighting- Plinth lights are also used below the upper cabinets in kitchen to make more lighting for working in the kitchen and also to add a little more atmosphere and effect to the overall kitchen.
  • Stairway Lighting- warm white plinth lights also can make great stairway lighting. Placed at a low level either beside your steps or in the front of steps can provide lighting for both safety purposes and to show off your the architectural aspects of your staircase.
  • Bathroom Baseboard Lighting- warm white plinth lights placed around the baseboards of bathrooms can really add a sophistication and appeal to your overall bathroom décor. Using plinth lights in the bathroom can help to modernize your bathroom.

Why Use LED Plinth Lighting

When choosing plinth lighting more people choose LED plinth lights more than any other kind. There are several reasons why LED plinth lights are so popular including:

  • LED lighting is very energy efficient providing you with the effect lighting you want at a price you can afford.
  • LED lights also require very little maintenance, since they need to be changed a lot less often than more traditional lighting choices.
  • LED lights are better for the environment. These lights are 100% recyclable so they won’t be adding to landfills.

Why Choose Ultra Beam Lighting?

Here at Ultra Beam Lighting we have a nice selection of LED warm white plinth lights to meet your needs. Our lights are made from the highest quality materials and uses only the latest LED technology so you can rest assured that our lights will provide you with 20,000 hours of mood lighting.

Our LED kitchen kickboard lighting kits are easy to have installed and is highly affordable.

Here at Ultra Beam Lighting we have skilled lighting experts that can offer you advise should you need it and they will be more than happy to help you determine the exact number of lights you need to provide you with the kitchen, bathroom or stairway lighting your want. Just give us a call at 0800-678-5156 or visit our website and speak to our online representative.

Do keep in mind that all lighting installation should be done by professional electrician.

LDC880 Kit of 9 x 1 Watt Polished Chrome LED Plinth Lights

LDC880 Kit of 9 x 1 watt polished chrome warm white plinth lights

LDC880 Kit of 9 x 1 watt Black LED Plinth Lights

LDC880 Kit of 9 x 1 watt black finish warm white plinth lights

LDC880 Kit of 9 x 1 Watt Rose Gold LED Plinth Lights

LDC880 rose gold 1 watt warm white plinth lights

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