Under Plinth Lighting – Make Your Kitchen Glow

Plinth lights are sometimes referred to as under plinth lighting because these lights are placed under cabinetry and are recessed into your cabinets kickboards. For this reason they are also referred to as kickboard lights.

However, while under plinth lighting is most often used in the kitchen, they are not designed just for kitchen use nor are they only installed just in your kitchen kickboards. In fact, these lights can be installed anywhere where you need or want small lights and are used to provide warmth and drama to a room, as task lighting, and to highlight specific areas or items. Here are some things you need to know about plinth lighting.LDC880-WT White mini LED plinth light kit

  • Plinth lighting can be purchased as individual lights or in kits. (if you need several of these lights purchasing a kit can save you money over purchasing each light individually.)
  • Plinth lighting can be placed in the baseboards of any room in the house making these lights not just kitchen lighting, but any room lighting.
  • Plinth lights have also been place below upper kitchen cabinets just above the counter top to serve as task lighting.
  • Plinth lights have been placed into recessed areas in a wall to highlight small statuary placed into these niches.
  • The use of LED kickboard lights is limited only by your imagination.

When most people choose under plinth lighting they want lighting that is high quality and needs as little maintenance as possible which is why more and more people are choosing LED kickboard lighting for their homes. There are a number of reasons why LED plinth lighting is so popular.

  • Most LED lighting is made using high quality materials and the latest LED technology so you can rest assured that your new kitchen lighting will be of good quality.
  • LED lighting is long-lasting and there are no light bulbs that need to be changed ever.- Many people are reluctant to put kickboard lights in their home, because they dread the thought of having to lay on the floor every time a light bulb needs to be changed. However LED lighting doesn’t use any light bulbs and they last 20,000, 50,000 hours or more so they won’t have to changed for years, making these light maintenance free.
  • LED kitchen lighting is energy efficient- LED light use only a fraction of the energy that more traditional lighting options need to operate, so these lights cost less to run and result in saving you some money on your electric bill.
  • LED lights are safe- Traditional lighting gives off a lot of heat as waste, which means if you get too close your kickboard lights when you are in your bare feet, you could get burned. However, LED lights do not emit heat as waste so they are safer to place at low levels in your home.

We do recommend that you have your LED under plinth lights hard wired directly into your 240 electric main by a licensed and qualified electrician.

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