Skirting Board Mood Lighting – How To Use These Lights

Skirting board mood lighting – The kitchen is one of the rooms in the house that people spend more time in than they realize. Whether they are cooking, cleaning, hosting, eating or just hanging out, the kitchen is an area of high traffic. Just like any other room in the house that sees a lot of people, illumination is important. While many people consider lighting the kitchen to stop at overhead lighting, there are many more types of lights to consider; overhead lighting is only one of them.

Types of Kitchen Lighting


  • OVERHEAD LIGHTING. The most common type of kitchen light is the overhead light. It shines illumination across the entire kitchen. This can lead homeowners to believe that this is the only kind of light a kitchen needs, though this is not the case.
  • BREAKFAST BAR LIGHTING. Breakfast bar lighting is typically isolated over the breakfast bar. Usually, they are as decorative as they are bright and are either recessed or hanging from a cable.
  • PLINTH LIGHTING. Plinth lighting, often known as LED kickboard lights, is lighting that sits around the kickboards in your kitchen. These can be found along the base of appliances, cabinets and other such areas. They light up the space that otherwise often goes neglected because most types of lighting will not be able to shine light in these areas due to their locations. It is one of the least considered types of kitchen lights out there.

What Is the Purpose of Skirting Board Mood Lighting?


Plinth lighting primarily serves as illumination. With plinth lighting, you can bring illumination to the parts of the kitchen that are not easily lit otherwise. This type of lighting is applied to the kickplates along the bottom of appliances, cabinets and counters to bring the illumination from the top to the bottom in the kitchen.

Beyond illumination, plinth lighting can also serve as skirting board mood lighting. With it, you can turn on these lights but nothing else to create a certain atmosphere or ambiance that other lights simply cannot bring. These help you decorate a space that is otherwise commonly overlooked and can be used as night lighting for safety. Using LED kickboard lights goes a long way toward dressing up a kitchen that might not have had much personality before that.

How To Choose the Best Plinth Lighting


  • Most skirting board mood lighting is circular or square-shaped. Circular tends to be more versatile in that it creates a modern effect while also still working well in transitional spaces that have not taken the entire plunge into modernity.
  • Choosing a premium material now will help you eliminate the need to consistently buy and rebuy new lights. One of the most recommended materials is aluminium.
  • With finishes including gold, silver, chrome, rose gold and black, you can find the style that best suits your existing decor.

Though plinth lighting in kitchens is commonly overlooked, your kickboards no longer need to go neglected. We offer a wide variety of LED kickboard lights for your kitchen, regardless of your taste. Browse our collection to find the kickplate lighting that is best suited for your kitchen today.


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