5 Interesting Ideas For LED Skirting Board Lights

Of the many types of interior lighting available for your home, skirting board lights often go overlooked. A skirting board with LED lights is a simple way to spruce up your home by bringing light down to the lower areas of the room. Able to serve as kitchen plinth lighting or to define a perimeter in the living room with LED skirting boards, they feature more versatility than originally meets the eye.

Below, you can learn about LED skirting board lights and ways you can incorporate them into your home.


What Are Skirting Board Lights?

Also known as skirting lights, skirting board LED lights are a type of low level light. They fit into the skirting boards near the floor or beneath a cabinet, offering decorative, functional background illumination.

Skirting board lighting is easy to incorporate into any room where you are layering light. It can serve as the accent light layer, offering indirect illumination that draws attention to the outer edges of the room.

LED skirting is also an interesting way to incorporate a nightlight. With them alone turned on in a room, they can help guide one through the space in the middle of the night without being too aggressive on the eyes, unlike a bright overhead light.


Where Can You Use Skirting Board Lighting?

Skirting lighting is versatile in its applications. Most commonly, you will see them used around the house. Some popular uses of skirting boards include:


  • Defining perimeters in a living space
  • Lining the length of long corridors
  • Under cabinets and similar furnishings
  • Lighting specific walkways or routes through an area
  • In cinemas along the floors and walls to provide direction for guests

It is easy to incorporate skirting light fixtures, so you can get creative and choose for yourself where you want to install such illumination.


Why Use LED Skirting Board Light Fittings?

When it comes to an LED skirting board, UK households may find that they benefit from using them for more than just their practical illumination. With skirting board lights, LED bulbs are preferred due to the numerous benefits they have to offer. Below, you’ll find a few of the many benefits that skirting board LED lights have to offer:


  • LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION – Whether you are using full size or mini skirting board lights, you can be sure that they won’t be hogging all of your energy resources. LED bulbs use most of their energy to provide illumination, and it doesn’t take much energy at all to do so.

This could lead to a reduction in your overall energy costs while also lessening

your environmental impact.

  • NO HEAT OUTPUT – Whereas traditional bulbs give off most of their energy as heat, LED bulbs use nearly all of it for illumination. Unlike traditional bulbs, this means that you won’t have to worry about accidentally burning yourself when you touch them. This makes them safe for use in homes that even have small children or pets.
  • LONG LIFESPAN LED lights have a much longer lifespan than traditional bulbs. With halogen lights, for example, you can only really expect them to burn for around 1,000 hours. LED lights, on the other hand, often go for a minimum of 20,000 hours before needing to be replaced. This will save you plenty of time and money through the years.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE – There is little to nothing that you have to do to maintain the lights, making them a low effort, low energy and ultimately low cost lighting option.
  • CUSTOMISATION – LED lights bring with them the ability to choose the colour temperature and brightness levels of the illumination itself. This permits you to take control of the way that the light looks, whether it is warm or cool, bright or dim.


Can You Use Skirting Board Lighting on Movement Sensors?

One of the most intuitive ways to use skirting lights is to incorporate motion sensor skirting board lights into a space. With this style of light, you can expect them to turn on only as you walk near them instead of being on constantly. Once there is no longer any motion in the area, the lights will turn back off.

These are particularly beneficial in commercial settings, as they can save energy and therefore money by only illuminating the area when they are necessary. Generally speaking, motion sensor lighting is also a quick way to modernize any room or building.

Motion sensor skirting lights are frequently found in:


  • Office corridors
  • Office bathrooms
  • Hotel corridors
  • Hotel bathrooms


Is Skirting Lighting Low Voltage?

Skirting board lighting is low voltage. This makes it quite safe to use and should give you peace of mind if you plan to incorporate it into spaces children and pets will be spending time.



Ideas for LED Skirting Board Lights


  1. LDC880 Kit of 9 x 1 Watt LED Plinth Lights

LDC880 kit of 1 watt LED kitchen plinth lights

The LDC880 Kit of 9 x 1 Watt LED Plinth Lights are skirting board lights that give you greater control of their appearance. They come in your choice of finishes, including rose gold, yellow gold, black, white, silver and polished chrome, so they can be worked into any room without issue. These lights are small with a diameter of only 23 millimeters, making them easy to incorporate into boards in any room. Each fixture outputs 122 lumens of 3000k warm white light.



  1. Halo Round 1 Watt Recessed LED Wall Light

lsl004 1 watt recessed stair riser lights

Using the Halo Round 1 Watt Recessed LED Wall Light, you can turn traditional wall lighting into low level lighting instead. This fixture is round in shape and features an acrylic diffuser along its edge. From the diffuser shines 70 lumens of 3200k warm white light, making it ideal for accent lighting. It is finished in brushed aluminium that is easy to incorporate into rooms of any colour scheme or design style. The fitting measures 48 millimeters in diameter.



  1. LSL009A Round 1 Watt Recessed LED Wall Light

LSL009A 1 watt brushed aluminium recessed stair lights

Turn your space into something to behold with the LSL009A Round 1 Watt Recessed LED Wall Light as your low level lighting. These wall lights feature a round body with a band of acrylic around the edge, which diffuses the 70 lumens of 3000k warm white light. After recessing it into the wall, you will be able to see its polished aluminium face plate, adding some modern charm. This fixture measures 46 millimeters in diameter.



  1. LSL707 3 Watt Recessed LED Wall Light With Movement Sensor

LSL707 3 watt recessed interior LED wall light with infra red movement sensor

Elevate the look and functionality of walkways with the installation of the LSL707 3 Watt Recessed LED Wall Light With Movement Sensor. The light features a square body with an opening that allows light to shine down onto the floor beneath it. The 170 lumens of 3000k warm white light will only shine when the included infrared or light sensor is triggered by something within three meters of it. It will remain on for a total of 30 seconds before shutting off once more. Choose from either white or black colour finishes.



  1. LSL002 Round 1 Watt Recessed LED Wall Light

lsl002 1 watt mini recessed indoor step lights

Shine light onto any corridor floor and improve both its safety and appearance with the LSL002 Round 1 Watt Recessed LED Wall Light. This wall light features a circular body with a cutout that allows the 70 lumens of 3200k warm white light to shine through it. It can be recessed into the wall to give the space a modern appeal. Overall, the light measures 48 millimeters in diameter and is finished in brushed aluminium.

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