Skirting Board Lights – Beautiful Low Level Lighting

Skirting Board Lights – Effect lighting is becoming more and more popular in both homes and commercial enterprises. Effect lighting is normally used to create a sophisticated or dramatic look to your décor, although it can also be used to help create a warm and inviting atmosphere for family, friends, or guests to enjoy. Effect lighting can be used in a variety of places and at various heights to create the effect  that you want.

Where To Use Skirting Board Lights

Often, plinth lighting is used to create low level effect lights. Plinth lighting are often used in kitchen or bathroom kick boards under cabinetry, but can also be used for skirting board lights in various rooms or areas of the home or business. Here is a look at some of the places skirting board lights are used to create various effects.

Dance Floors

In pubs or clubs that have dance floors plinth lights are often used as skirting board lights around the parameter of the dance floor or stage where the band performs to create a sophisticated effect for the club and to help make the dance floor more appealing to guest of the club.

These low level effect lights draws attention to the dance floor and the movement of the feet of the people dancing.


Whether in homes or hotels or spas skirting board lights can transform any bathroom from mundane to elegant. Skirting board lights in bathroom gives any bathroom a spa like feel as these low level effect lights can show off beautiful flooring and may actually make the bathroom appear slightly larger and more modern.

The Kitchen in Your Home

Homeowners often use skirting board lights for adding warmth to their kitchen décor as well as showing off beautiful wooden or tile flooring. This type of lighting actually makes kitchens look and feel brighter and more homey, which is something many homeowners want to achieve.


Skirting board lights on staircases not only highlights and brings a dramatic look to your staircase they can also help to make your stairs safer for people going up and down stairs after dark or any stairs that are in darker areas of the home or business.

Choosing Long Lasting Skirting Board Lights

If you choose skirting boards for low level effect lighting then you are going to want reliable and long-lasting plinth lighting. Many people choose LED lighting for their skirting board lights because of the fact that these lights last for at least 20,000 hours before they need changing, which is 20 times longer than other types of lighting. Plinth lighting to use for skirting board lights can be purchased in kits giving you several lights in one kit.

Here at Ultra Beam Lighting LTD we have a number of LED plinth light kits that are perfect to use as skirting board lighting. Why not take a few minutes to browse through our website to see what we have to offer. When ordering our lighting you can speak to our online representative or give us a call at 0800-678-5156.

When purchasing any light make sure you have it installed by a licensed electrician.

LDC880 Kit of 9 x 1 Watt Gold Skirting Board Lights

LDC880 1 watt gold finish skirting board lights

LSL001 1 Watt Recessed LED Wall Light

lsl001 square 1 watt LED skirting board lights

LSL008A 1 Watt Square Recessed LED Wall Light

LSL008A 1 watt square recessed LED skirting board lights

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