How To Use an LED Kitchen Plinth Light Kit

An LED kitchen plinth light kit is a series of small recessed lights that are designed to be placed either in the kickboards of cabinetry or in the base boards around the room. These lights are often referred to as kitchen Plinth lights although these lights can be used in other rooms in your home or business.

Plinth lighting comes in kits because when using these lights for the purpose they are designed to be used you need to have several lights so supplying these lights in a kit gives you several lights together while saving you money.

Many Uses for an LED Kitchen Plinth Light Kit

Plinth lighting or kickboard lights actually can serve many different purposes in several different rooms of your home. Although these lights certainly add warmth to your kitchen When used in the kickboards of your cabinets or kitchen island, or around the baseboard they can also be used under your top kitchen cabinets as task lighting for preparing food.

LED kitchen Plinth light kit can also be used in your bathroom baseboard or cabinet kickboards, in your bedroom or even in a home entertainment room to provide decorative or effect lighting.

Plinth lighting kits normally consists of 6 or 9 lights along with all the necessary wiring needed to install these lights and installation should be completed by licensed electrician since these lights need to be hard wired directly into your 240 electric main.

LED Kitchen Plinth Light Kit is a Wise Choice

When choosing kitchen Plinth light kits more and more people are choosing LED plinth lights for a variety of different reasons. These reasons include:

  • LED Lights can save you money- LED kitchen plinth lighting uses less energy than more traditional types of lighting, which means that these lights can save you money on your electric bill especially if you use LED lighting throughout your home or business.
  • LED Plinth lighting is long-lasting- LED plinth lighting kits last 20,000 hours or more before they need changed. This saves you the inconvenience of having to get down onto the floor to change light bulbs every few weeks or month or two.
  • LED lighting don’t give off any excess heat- Traditional lighting gives off a good deal of heat as waste. This heat can heat up the floor near where the lighting is located making the floor hot when you walk in that area with bare feet. Since LED lighting does not give off any excess heat you don’t have to worry about hot spots on your floor when using plinth lighting.
  • LED lighting does not contain any toxic elements- unlike fluorescent lighting that contains mercury LED lighting does not contain any toxic elements.
  • LED lighting is environmentally friendly- LED lighting is much better for the environment than more traditional lighting. Not only do they use less energy reducing the demand on local energy companies, They don’t give off excess heat to add to global warming, nor do they contain any toxic elements. In addition LED lighting is 100% recyclable so they don’t add to the trash in a landfill.

Kit of 9 x 1 watt White Finish LED Kitchen Plinth Lights

LDC880 white LED kitchen plinth light kit

LDC880 9 X 1 Watt Gold LED Kitchen Plinth Light Kit

LDC880 gold finish 9 x 1 watt LED kitchen plinth light kit

LDC880 9 X 1 Watt Black LED Kitchen Plinth Light Kit

LDC880 black 9 x 1 watt LED kitchen plinth light kit

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