LED Kitchen Kickboard Lights – Bold Kitchen Bling

Modern kitchens are not only highly functional they also serve as the center of the family, being an attractive and comfortable place where the family gathers and for entertaining guests. LED kitchen kickboard lights also called plinth lights are often used to make kitchens more warm and inviting.

What are Kitchen Kickboard Lights?

LED Kitchen kickboard lights are small low level lights that are installed in the kickboards under cabinetry. Normally you can purchase kitchen plinth lights in kit form where you get several plinth lights and their accompanying wiring all in one batch, which generally costs less than purchasing these lights one at time.

While Kitchen plinth lights are commonly used for kickboard lighting in the kitchen they can also be used in many other rooms and places as well.

LED Kitchen Kickboard Lights Many Uses

Plinth lights are used in a variety of places and a variety of ways. Here are a few ways in which LED Kitchen kickboard lights can be used:

  • All around the kitchen- while plinth lights look great installed in your kitchen kickboards they also look great when installed all around the the baseboards of your kitchen and even your bathroom.
  • Romantic Bedroom lighting- Plinth lighting also makes romantic bedroom lighting when placed around the solid bottom of a bed frame or around the perimeter of a room. These lights are a great way to provide soft lighting to a master bedroom or guest room.
  • Above Your Kitchen Counter tops- Plinth lighting can also be placed above the kitchen counter tops to provide extra lighting for preparing food and to make your kitchen even more attractive.
  • To Provide Lighting for Stairways- Kickboard lights can also be used to provide lighting for stairways making them safer navigate and showing off their beautiful architectural features.
  • Home theater- what could be better for providing a true in home theater experience than having plinth lighting placed along the baseboards of your home theater.

Make sure you have any lighting installed by a qualified electrician.

Ultra Beam Lighting and LED Kitchen Kickboard Lights

Here at Ultra Beam Lighting we offer several LED Kitchen Kickboard lighting kits for homes and businesses looking for these attractive and functional lights. For over 20 years we have been providing high quality lighting to our residential and commercial customers throughout the UK. Our LED kitchen plinth lighting is made using the highest quality materials and using the latest in LED technology.

Our LED lighting is extremely energy efficient which means our lights cost less to use than more so called traditional lighting options. In addition our lights are long-lasting providing 20,000 hours of light without ever having to change a light bulb. Our lights last 20 times longer than more traditional lighting options. Our LED lights are also low maintenance and less harmful to the environment making them the ideal choice for most homes.

If you are looking for high quality plinth lighting for any room in your home then take a few minutes to visit our website or give us a call at 0800-678-5156.

LDC880 Rose Gold LED Kitchen Kickboard Lights

LDC880 Rose Gold LED kitchen kickboard lights

LDC880 Black LED Kitchen Kickboard Lights

LDC880 1 watt black LED kitchen kickboard lights

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