LED Circular Plinth Lights – Some Beautiful Kitchen Sparkle

Kitchen plinth lights can do a lot to make your kitchen look more modern and warm to anyone entering this special room. LED circular plinth lights looks both sophisticated and polished and will make your kitchen look that way as well. When the the rest of your kitchen lights are turned off LED circular plinth lights can provide incredible mood lighting for that romantic dinner or late night snack.

What Are Circular Plinth Lights?

LED plinth lights are small low wattage lights that are normally either circular or square in shape. These lights normally come in kits of 6 or 9 lights per set. They are designed to be placed at low levels either in your cabinetry kick boards or in the base boards of your kitchen.

LED circular plinth lights can be place in any room of your home and can even be used right above the lower counter tops of your kitchen or bathroom to provide both mood and task lighting.

LED lights make perfect plinth lights for the following reasons.


LED circular plinth lights are extremely long lasting with some of these lighting sets lasting 20,000 hours or more before they need to be changing. Other more traditional lighting need to be change in a fraction of that time, which due to the low level placement of the lights means sitting or lying on the floor to change the light bulbs, which can be a real hassle when having to change light bulbs every couple of months or less. Having a light that will last 3 years or more simply is more convenient.

LED Lighting is Energy Efficient

In addition, LED circular plinth lights are not only long-lasting they are also extraordinarily energy efficient. LED lighting uses between 20% and 50% of what other types of lighting use, making these lights extraordinarily energy efficient. Because these lights use less energy they can actually save you money on your electric bills.

LED Lights are Better for Environment

LED circular plinth lights are also better for the environment than other types of lighting. Not only are these lights more energy efficient, which lessen the demand for electricity on local companies, They also do not contain any toxic elements like Fluorescent lights, or do they produce excess heat. These lights have no light bulbs to change so you won’t be adding to your local landfill, and best of all the lights are 100% recyclable.

LED Lights are Affordable

LED lighting is also very affordable. While the initial costs of an LED plinth lighting may be slightly more than the cost of more traditional lighting options, they more than make up for that small additional cost in a number of ways. First, because these lights will save you money on your energy bill, second, because you won’t have to constantly be purchasing light bulbs, and thirdly they save you time and effort. Over the lifetime of these lights you will save more money than what the little extra you paid initially.

Do keep in mind that these lights should be installed by a licensed electrician.

LDC880 Black Kit of 9 x 1 Watt LED Plinth Lights

LDC880 kit of black LED circular plinth lights

LDC880 Gold Kit of 9 x 1 Watt LED Plinth Lights

LDC880 gold kit of LED circular plinth lights

LDC880 Rose Gold Kit of 9 x 1 Watt LED Plinth Lights

LDC880 rose gold kit of LED circular plinth lights


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