Kitchen Skirting Board Lights – What Are The Benefits

Kitchen skirting board lights – The kitchen is a place you spend more time in than you likely realize. Between cooking, cleaning, entertaining and even dining, much of the action centres around this room in the house. Without proper lighting in the kitchen, it can be difficult to comfortably complete the various tasks necessary for the space. Even so, little attention is often given to the lighting of such a space. Instead, when designing or remodeling a kitchen, what is typically focused on is the cabinets and appliances.

Not only is proper illumination overhead neglected, but lights in other parts of the kitchen are also overlooked. One of the best examples of this is kitchen skirting board lights. Also known as plinth lights or kitchen kickplate lights, these are lights found around the base of the cabinets. They line everything from lower cupboards to islands and are prime real estate for some unique lighting.

What Are the Benefits of Kitchen Skirting Board Lights?

  • First and foremost, these lights can add charm to an otherwise dull kitchen. Lights are just as commonly used for decoration as they are illumination, and lights in the kitchen are no different. Kitchen kickplate lighting can offer a soft glow that makes the kitchen look nicer immediately.
  • Practicality and being able to see are the prime functions of kitchen lighting. With kitchen skirting board lights, you can bring life from the ceiling to the floor. With these plinth lights, illumination along the base can light the way in a dark kitchen in the middle of the night without turning on bright overhead lights.

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Skirting Board Lights

  • Because plinth lights are recessed, you need to look at the shape of the exterior of the lights. Often, plinth lights are circular in nature, but they can also be square-shaped. Both of these are nice and modern, so it comes down to choosing your preference and what looks best in your space.
  • The finish is the other visible characteristic that makes up the light, so it should be considered just as thoroughly. The light fixtures are usually finished in metallic hues, including gold, rose gold, chrome, silver and sometimes, even black. Because of the neutrality of the available shades, you can easily incorporate them into any style kitchen.
  • Take into account the illumination that is provided by the lights as that is their primary function. You can check the colour temperature to ensure it matches the rest of your kitchen lighting by checking the descriptions of the products just to be sure.

Having kitchen kickplate lights is a surefire way to add flair, style and practicality to your kitchen by bringing the light all of the way down to the floor. We make it easy to help you find the best kitchen skirting board lights for you by hosting a broad collection of lights. Browse our various light options available on our site today to find the best one for your space.


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